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  1. EON has always been in the business of helping new players grow.
    We will help you obtain a Paladin, The Guild Deck, and the Gladiator followed by the Tween Deck for it.
    You will need a strong guild to get an Envy, Godfather or Frostbrand ship.

    Other bonuses are:

    -Level 50 Guild, means
    +500 hp
    +5 # of quests
    100 members
    Level 5 Guild headquarters
    25% diamond discount for renewal repair
    25% gold discount from Merchant

    -Top 3 PvP Players
    -#1 in Plunder Points for December
    -#1 in Battlefield for Thunderball in February
  2. Well u don't needa guild to get a envy,godfather....etc don't lie pal ;);););)
    I think u mean the invasion points :p:p:p:D:D:D
  3. phil1985

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    it would also help if you put what server you are in on here other wise i will players know how to join u
  4. GuanoCrazy

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    You do need a guild to get the decks for the ships through invasion points. And the event ships are nothing without the decks that go with them. So in a way, you do need a guild for those ships otherwise they aren't worth getting. And EON is on the USA1 Server.
  5. You forgot to mention that EON has some of the most prolific chainers in the game as well as some of the nicest people in the game.


    Which acts on server?
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