Enstiles Problem HOG check this s out!

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Troywa65, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Troywa65

    Troywa65 User

    My computer has a problem that will be fixed but I have no idea how long. If your from Hog I would like you to here this. Please note you guys can not help. I will not be active till this problem is fixed. I am trying to the problem. Please note I will not be active and now I am on my moible device. Please do not remove me from the guild.
    Please note I am not gonna be active if you see me online the computer problem is fixed. This is NOT a pirate storm downtime. I know you can not help but just letting you guys know.
  2. ROARY

    ROARY User

    Basically...Troywa65 is having some software problems. Troywa65 will not be online until these problems are fixed. If you see Troywa65 online then assume the problems are fixed. In the meanwhile don't kick Troywa65 from the guild HOG.
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  3. Troywa65

    Troywa65 User

    My computer did start up for a little while but now is not working again. Software problem. If not fixes will get new computer by Wednesday or Thursday! Thank you! I did play the game for a bit but not working again. - Enstiles

    Note this is my mobile device and I will be posting idea still for the game I will be on forum daily just not game. Starting from Wednesday the latest I will be playing the game!
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