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  1. its bugged
    "they already know and are tying to fix" apparently anyway
  2. ojad

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    ok thanks for information
  3. ojad

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    Normally they will be available permanently when the missions are finished
  4. Hello,

    The 11 daily quests Dragon Tango & Fire of the Dragon are part of the success Dragonsbane = complete all dragons Hunt quests.

    There are two days left, so more two quests to complete the Dragon Treasure Hunt 2020: 1 Dragon Tango & 1 last Fire of the Dragon.

    So make sure you have completed all of your quests including the ones i mentioned.
    Once all the successes are finished, i advise you to take a screenshot in order to present it to the support service, if they can reward you.

    Good game, cordially.
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  5. Good evening,

    With any luck, the standard cannonball bonus card Dragon's away and the special cannonball bonus card Eye of Dragon may appear after the Dragon hunt quests are finished.

    Good game,
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  6. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    I answered your question to your previous post.

    The Development Team is unable to fix the Dragon Hunt Chest to where it gives the final check off for completion without resetting the entire chest. If you complete the chest and do not receive rewards, you will need to send a ticket to Support requesting the achievement chest rewards.

    The Development Team was also unable to add the Dragon Scorn to the list of possible reward ships.

    Again, the event date is lasting longer than it is normally supposed to last. The extension was granted last year for the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors due to the Celeritas Minions not appearing for a few days. I suspect that all possible maps and everything related to the game may disappear after the initial pre-programmed days of the Event. This may or may not be the case. Please see the FAQs: Dragon Hunt for further clarification of the event.

    Please err on the side of caution and purchase items as they are available to you.

    Happy Sailing!

  7. Thanks for the reply.
    My question is not concerning the bonusmaps which give discounts to the ship, my question is aimed at the bonusmap, which is available to farm all day (every second day) without having to use special ammo. Again, this is not a map that gives a discount to the event ship, the map's name is "Dragon's sway".
  8. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy hungariandon,

    I do not believe any of the maps will stay beyond the date range as the initial Dragon Hunt timeline as stated in the FAQs: Dragon Hunt. As I've stated numerous times, I do believe that date range is incorrect. The date range is taking in to account the extension that was applied last year. This only gave an extension for the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    If the maps stay, that will be great. However, with the numerous times the Development Team has tried to fix the chest and reset the start date, I am unsure when the event will officially end and items will become unavailable. The event was originally programmed for 11 Days with the end at Noon on the 11th Day. The 11th Day for this year's event will be 4/23/2020 at Noon server time. Anything happening with the event beyond that, is still to be seen.

    Please err on the side of caution and purchase items as they are available to you.

    Happy Sailing!
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