Dow's in the arena's

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Feb 10, 2014.

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Should DOW's be allowed to compete in 2v2/3v3

Poll closed Mar 3, 2014.
  1. NO, they should be kept out so others who are tyring to win dow's have fair chance

  2. yes, dow's should be allowed to enter the arena's and that everythiing is fine with how arena's are

  1. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    that will be the most easy to change... just remove does acievements. and replace with something like, kill DOW ships in the areana... lvl 1 = 300 times lvl 2= 600 times and more to come :)

    as i say from the beginning.. for me its ok the DOW is playing arena.. but the should only not cound in the ranking point.

    that mean if a DOW player meet a gladiator, the will fight, but will not be affected in the rankings.
    on that way.. all can play. and still unluck the stuff.
  2. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    I am willing to bet that the teams that are blocking in arenas are not DOW teams. They are more than likely teams without DOWs that way they have a better chance of winning the DOWs.
  3. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    LOL.. do you even know about the game.. in eu3. its DOW blocking the top10, and giving the point, to one member the want win.

    so the are playing for point, and when have alots of point, the give it to that player.
    ( pushing )

    2. Pushing
    A player may not willingly allow another player to destroy his ship in order to get the points and achieve a better position in the rankings.

    Should this type of behavior be discovered in the accounts, disciplinary action will be taken. Depending on the gravity of the situation, this can lead to an indefinite account block.
  4. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    how do you know it is DOW teams blocking? You never get to see your opponent. I just said that i was willing to bet.
  5. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    have you even read my post?

    first the blocking all other players out of top 10.. and when the know who the winning team should be. the let that player/players win.. and there the pusing is comming in.

    And yes.. you know when you meet a DOW team. if you have a good team, you will meet the top players. and there you will lose.. maybe you can be lucky to win 1-2 times.. but so what.. the will win maybe 50 orther fight, and get the point back.

    SO yes.. i will bet with you..
  6. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    Plain and simple for you this time. Pushing is allowing another player to sink you willingly to gain points. Therefore you would need to enter the match. Blocking is not entering or canceling the timer to enter and preventing anyone from getting a match to have a chance of advancing in points.
    But let's get back on the real subject of the thread. I don't think DOWs should be kept out of competing in the 2v2 and 3v3. I find your accusation hard to believe that it is only DOW players that are blocking or pushing. A lot of the pushing going on right now (and I know for a fact this is going on but never took part in) is people that have their Glads and are helping other people win the Glads.
  7. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    i am not saying it only DOW there do it.all in the guild is helping, losing to the DOW and to the winning member.. BUT... DOW wins most matches, and when the have alot of point. the give it to another player.

    if you take a look in eu3... top 10 is only DOW. its more easy for a DOW to win a mach. better ship.
    I my mind that is blocking. and what i see in orther post in here, the saying the same thing.
    for all know its a better ship. and you really need to play good with a little luck to win. so the will automatically get top 10 and prevent anyone else from getting up there
    its easy for me to get a mach in eu3. but what is the point if i only meet lower rang matches, and i win 1-5 point. and after that i meet maybe 1 DOW in top 10 or top 20 and lose 20 point.
    when the see my name on the list winning matches, ALL the DOW start playing, hoping to get the next match with me.

    and after 1 month, the winning team/player start play.. and get easy point.

    as i said from the beginning... a DOW can play arena battles but they should not count on the ranking.

    that will make a more fair fight... it is easier to win a fight against a gladiator than a DOW.
    and yes the can still pushing, but if you get a mach, you will have a better change to win. compared to if you constantly encounter a DOW
  8. 2 dOWs in 2v2 hitting 6ks 7ks...How are we suppose to unlock glad..only reason i don't want to play 2v2s is because of these (edit)
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  9. Well... I've got DOW and Glad, and since it only differs 10cannons between them both fully maxed, Glad-175c and DOW-185. It isn't really that much to be honest BUT it can, in alot of situations be the crutial hand to have to be able to pop that last bit of hp. At the end of the day it's all ALL about to have a good tactics, maxed ships and to use the right items at the right time.
  10. why need to block DOW its the test if you are strong player,you only need is strategy and combination of items if you have lunar pro and lunar pre,shock,handymans,rockets etc. dont forget a nice that way you may have a chance to defeat DOW..:)
  11. If someone keep whining about DOW in arena, they still don't know about strategy and how to play and how to use the best items for arena. So they don't deserve a DOW, and if they can get one, they will be a weak DOW so what's the point?
  12. you have your own style of fighting even they know the strategy make a new and more effective strategy,the strategy can break their style...