Dow's in the arena's

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Feb 10, 2014.

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Should DOW's be allowed to compete in 2v2/3v3

Poll closed Mar 3, 2014.
  1. NO, they should be kept out so others who are tyring to win dow's have fair chance

  2. yes, dow's should be allowed to enter the arena's and that everythiing is fine with how arena's are

  1. brutality

    brutality User

    There is no reason that someone that already has a DOW should be allowed to enter into the arena season to be able to go for a Dow or to block or to feed points!!!!. You should not have to compete with a maxed out DOW in the arena's. The arena's should be a place where you can go to prove your the best and have chance to win the Dow. But what is going on now is that your having to compete against 2-3 maxed DOW's and then they have cple of non-dow holders on that team which in turn means they mates win the DOW"S because their mates won it for them basically!!!.
    What I am suggesting is to have arena's be like the battlefields in a way,(once you have a DOW, then all items in 2's and 3's should remain unlocked for you (just like our BF coins) And if you own a DOW you get 0 points if you go in arena (as matter of fact to keep them out , your team loses points!!) This would ensure that their is more of an even playing field in arena's for the DOWS. Also this would help the controlling of the arena's by certain players!!
    There is NO REASON why a player should have to go up against a maxed out DOW in order to win the DOW!!!!
  2. Luke

    Luke User

    I dont like DOW's in arena either. I'd just like to use an ahab.
  3. phil1985

    phil1985 User

    once you win the dow that should be it
    with the ahab that nothing it cant be helped that we do not get pvp or skulls but it will help you complete pirate glory
  4. brutality

    brutality User

    thank you for every1 who is voting and making comments
  5. i agree once u win a dow the stuff should stay un lock and u can get your deck but not be alowwed in the arena season
  6. peede2

    peede2 User

    yeah i dont think it is messed up at all that they can be in arena and unlock items but they shouldnt count towards season winner , and in teams if you have a dow user on your team you shouldnt count towards season winner either. Also i think arena season winner should be calculated by # of wins not win/loss ratio because oftentimes its ppl who havent really put a LOT of time in and have just won a bunch and stopped because its hard to beat a perfect score....
  7. So whats the point of winning a DOW? Seems like people are mad and thus crying.
  8. i agree, once you have dow why would you want keep doing it other than to keep others from winning one
  9. brutality

    brutality User

    exactly 13th, that what they doing is using them to block and take points away from those in range of the team they want to feed points to
  10. Redl3ull

    Redl3ull User

    The DOW has been specifically developed for Arena! Hence, I am not in favor of taking the DOW out of arena, because it is not meant to be a good farming or PvP ship. If the DOW had more Harpoon launchers and would get better PvP I may change my mind and would agree that only a certain 'arena boat' is to be used in arena, so it is the same for everyone. Just like a 'Renault Clio Cup' is only raced by Renault Clios.
    If we start with restrictions here and there, where does it end?
    As for the pushing and blocking, I can see why people, on our server US1, use those methods. Since the team change cooldown of 12hrs, now 48, players are basically forced to do so, otherwise they will never unlock desired arena items.
    The 48hr cooldown may work for big servers like EU1, but not for US1. Having done said that, I am not in favor of pushing, blocking and the 48hr cooldown.
    Coming to the 'once an item is unlocked, it stays available'. It is not a bad idea, but I am afraid that players will play even less in arena, hence it would accell the pushing. Unless there are new and desirable awards and rewards every season, then it could work.
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  11. Luke

    Luke User

    Well said
  12. I agree with both RedBull and Maskotka's views. DOW's were built for arena, and if a person is strong & lucky enough to own a DOW then they ought to be able to use that ship as they like - whether in arena or anywhere else:)
  13. BloodyMary

    BloodyMary User

    I agree with diamond, Redbull
  14. U_HATE_ME

    U_HATE_ME User

    I disagree, they shouldn't be allowed into the Arena to prevent certain guilds from blocking the other players of getting the DOW
  15. i dont have the dow yet...but what you are asking is unfair to the player that earned the dow and playing the arenas for whatever there reason, once the dow was to force that then, how would you change the system to allow them to earn there points for arena...once i get my dow i plan to play more arena to test my self and the what you are asking you should not not be allowed to play any arena if u have a dow, then you should not be allowed to play 2v2 if you earn your gladiator and no 3v3 if you earn your deck and so if you try to change anything with the arena change the 48hr. wait for arena .or if you ready up and get a match and you still dont go in but who ever you was going to fight did commit and went in to the match then they should get points... the dow dosnt make the boat it helps but thats it. so ur going to change 1 thing you would have to change alot when it comes to the arena... so yes let the dows play
  16. gghh

    gghh User

    arena should be fair like death jaunt
  17. gghh

    gghh User

    u should put 1k hiitters with 1k hitters other should be matched
  18. brutality

    brutality User

    funny that only ones speaking for it are 1 guild, and most other post are form every1,
    so in order to keep peace and ideas flowing, i would propose this, if you want to test you dows and your skill with dow, have a dow only arena, but what is goin on in arenas in rediculous , for these players to have to fight a maxed out dow , when they dont need a dow, and that is only reason most play to that extreme for, and as far as pushing, if it was a little more fair, you might see more playing in arena , ( no need to push , but for it seems that most pushing is done by 1 guild the most and the ranking and matches show it) so have a dow only arena, but let the players that need the dow fight the other players that need a dow!!
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  19. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    But let's not forget that there are achievements for points and winning all 3 stages of the arena. So it would not be practical to keep them from competing in the other 2 arena stages if they already won 1 of them.
  20. U_HATE_ME

    U_HATE_ME User

    Yes, and with these DOW's in the Arena is blocking the chance for other players to unlock those