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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Hot_Shot_Rob™, May 16, 2020.

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  1. Take care all was a good 7 years playing but i am done. Tired of waiting for them to fix the problems in this game last 3 years. R.I.P Hot_Shot_Rob™
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    Rest in peace.
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    Rest in peace.
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    Rest in peace.
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    Rest in peace.
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    Yesterday was the last time i played this game, the reason ? It's simple, the game is full of bot users and it's so boring. It's why me and my friends decided to leave this game because Bigpoint doesn't want to ban them. I'm playing this game since 2013 and it's sad for me to leave this game like this. I will maybe come back if Bigpoint decides to ban all of theses bot users.

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  7. hello, I'm starting to record, but as I never did that, I'm having difficulties, as soon as I learn, I'll be making a playlist of cheating players.

    join this type of posture to take down all cheaters, if each one does it on the server where he plays for an hour it will work, they cannot do what they want in the game.
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