Deep Sea Diver

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  1. Deep Sea Diver

    Each day you get one ( 1 ) free dive . You can also pick up free dive(s) in loot boxes . After this the dives cost one hundred ( 100 ) diamonds per dive . Your diver can find map pieces, cannons or special items .


    Anytime while " in game " you can click on the icon circled in the photo above, which can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen . By doing so it will bring up the following screen pictured below .


    • The Orange circle above shows you the number of " Jokers " or multipliers you have . By clicking the box next to " use joker " it will place a check mark in the box and activate all your jokers on the next dive or you can wait till all six ( 6 ) lite up and they will activate automatically . Depending on how many jokers you have will depend on how many extra items you get on one dive .
    • The Red circle indicates the cost per dive
    • The Yellow circle shows the bonus map(s) that the pieces of can be found by diving . Clicking on each map icon will show you how many parts of that map you have and what the total number of parts needed to unlock that map . Example : 12 / 34 - 12 being what you have 34 being the total parts you need to unlock that map .
    • The Silver / Gray circle is the action button. Clicking this will cause you to use your free dive or spend one hundred ( 100 ) diamonds .
    • The Green circle is to activate an automatic feature. You will continue to "dive" until you have no diamonds left or you click to remove the check in the box .
      [*]The Last Found is where you will see what your diver has found or discovered . If you have used your joker(s) you will see a list of multiple items appear .
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