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  1. Daιsuke

    Daιsuke User

  2. its not the same guys. I disagree with you.
  3. Dr.Chirait

    Dr.Chirait User

    Play in server Arabia1,there is very easy to get a paladin and decks !! :)

    You just joined the guild HOA and next month you will definitely get it
  4. Schmalzl*

    Schmalzl* User

    well what about total eclipse? it has no deck either
  5. Thats :D

    MOJIOKO User

    I vote no !
    1. This Ship (Paladin) has it's own bonuses. (10%damage bonus on guild islands and others.)
    2. The Paladin's deck is the Guild deck.
    3. The Paladin is not like the event ships, this ship is stronger then any simple event ship. So 1 more deck for the Paladin is to much.
    SO ONE MORE TIME I vote no ! :cool:
  7. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    The Guild deck is not for the Paladin. The guild deck will go on any ship you have!
    As for the Total Eclipse, It is a ship that is available at Auction. not in the same class as ships "you earn the right to 'purchase' ".
  8. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    I vote for "special Deck" for Paladin ! Cannot get the Paladin without great team effort.
  9. Guys Mac is rite Palladin have his own deck it's guild deck.Palladin it's guild ship. So how many deck you want . I said NO
  10. I do not understand. The guild deck goes on any ship so it is not a special deck for the palladin. I have a fully maxed out palladin and now a fully maxed out Frostbrand. I roam in Frost because the deck it has makes it so good. And yes it does have a guild deck. The Frost is like a super palladin.

    I would vote yes for a palladin deck.
  11. The Pally is a Guild ship.. it's deck is the Guild Deck. The same goes for the Total Eclipse and the Bloodmoon deck.
  12. J.Adore

    J.Adore User

    1 vote form me Triplekill eu 2 !!
  13. Honestly, it makes no real difference to me. BUT, neither the Paladin nor the Total Eclipse have a special deck. Merely decks that are associated with them. The guild deck is for any ship so it does nothing to make the Paladin special or give it extra strength over any other ship. The Blood Moon deck is of course extra special since it uniquely acts like another whole set of Seals cannon and harps and appears on every ship you have. So it clearly is not tied to any specific ship. You may as well call the guild deck a special deck for the piranha.

    ANIKHTE User

    guild deck is not a special deck for paladin
    if i can put guild deck everywhere then it is not a special deck to any ship

    so i vote yes for paladin to have a special deck also arachne and ahab should have a special deck

    if we have special ships with some advantages then it will force players to have build more ships
    now if you build a gladiator you can use it for all and not miss much

    but arachne was a special ship for battle but without a special deck is so weak even with the bonus that simple is not worth getting it
    paladin or forstbrand could serve for a good ship attacking or defending a guild and also for farming
    gladiator is a ship oriented for arena
    also move the battle deck to its own section so pirnaha braacuda and orca have it back
    with reef deck replacing it you made barracuda and orca not worth as an option to get ships
  15. Paladin es a very good starting ship, when you are little, no need guild deck.
  16. lamoia100

    lamoia100 User

    dosn't matter to me deck or not as the frost brand paladin is a event ship in the winter event and you can buy a deck for it at that time so the guild paladin deck is not just for guild paladin but for all ships it is an extra deck.

    and though there are many ships that are bought without a deck so no the guild deck is not for paladin it is for all ships once again.

    Should the Guild Paladin have its own deck overall well so should all the other ships that are high priced ds as well have there own decks.
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  17. the paladin has a deck its called the guild deck paladin is a guild ship and the guild deck is that deck that gos with it lol
  18. As noted in most of the above posts, the guild deck is no more special to the Paladin than the Buthu deck or any other general use deck. Paladin does not have an exclusive deck, unlike many other high end ships. The guild deck can go on any ship, so it is just another deck.

    ANIKHTE User

    because it is called guild deck it does not make ti unique for the paladin
    if we call it exotic deck
    then it will be more clear that this deck in not a unique deck???
    i have to ask all you who say guild deck is unique deck for palladin you do not have the guild deck on gladiator?? or you think it can not go there??? because SUP RICE it can go to any ship ;p
  20. vino

    vino User

    Guild deck is common -which fits in all ship
    paladin can have a special deck
    ahab & eclipse ship - also doesn't have its own deck :(

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