Death Jaunt January 2014

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Fluffkins, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    i have try go in a match with a slup with only 1 canon. i still meet people with DOW.
    so its not only the firepower.
  2. Thats why you have to save medals from previous battlefields and after this u can buy shock rockets. I agree with most people in here,but i dont think it depend on fire power,because on my serwer(eu3) i get best players on the server-_-Most times i am with destroyers from my ally,or with the best players from other allies even if my ship aint that bad,but these players got much bigger fire power than mine. My idea is to do something like experience points,something like,if you won battlefield(win a eagle medal)u move to a group where people won same amount of medals like you.
  3. i hate the death jaunt now,explain bp seven player with the same guild and can hit as much as 5k what happen to that I hope that don't include the players with the same guild....
  4. I hit 2.5k with iron but I have enemy shoots around 4-5k even I use steel the damage is only 3k above so its not about the firepower only the bp knows..
  5. It's random like i told ;););)
  6. My Idea is Maybe they should put in a time limit like 5:00 mins then after that time limit you wuld get damaged every 5 seconds depending on your health like 0.5% or 1% that will make the game end early and Prevent sitter and AFK-ers
  7. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    hey Football...
    i like your idea... make a kind of a rengking. more you win. hardere it will get.
    and if you lose some match, then you will meet more easy players.

    i like the idea with the time limet to.

    but i think 5 min is to long time. in that small map.
    i see someone come up with 1 min.. but i think 2 min is better. in that small map.
    if no one wins after the 2 min.
    if more then 1 player back when time finich. the winner will be the ship there shoot most players.

    and then my own idea...
    when you join the battlefind, your invisible will end. When the countdown reaches 0
    that mean is not so easy, to find orther from the same guild.


    so what to do:

    1. Ranking just like the pvp match.
    2. time limet on 2 min.
    3. when you join the battlefind, your invisible will end. When the countdown reaches 0
    4. after the time limet is 2 min. we can have a new match every 5 min.
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  8. XXmipXX
    Not a good Idea as 2 mins Because HUnting is not as Easy as it seems a bubble last 10 seconds therefore 1:50 minutes left and the Swinging sheild has 20second cooldown that will make you use it about 5 times per match and the Gate of the Assassins would waste more time running and Not to Mention Talon a.k.a. 3 Second Stun Rocket, It will be a "HIDE and WAIT: game if its 2 mins make it 5-6minutes
  9. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    no one will win... please read all what i say..
    the player there shoot most ship will win.
    and there will not be time to wait the swinging sheild. if all start shoot from the beginning.

    if 5-6 min.. you give the guild time to find together.
  10. peede

    peede User

    im betting top right corner won
  11. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    yes. phantom.. and how can the go to a corner... the are invisible..

    so what to do:

    1. Ranking just like the pvp match.
    2. time limet on 2 min.
    3. when you join the battlefind, your invisible will end. When the countdown reaches 0
    4. after the time limet is 2 min. we can have a new match every 5 min.

    nr 3.. make it more hard to meet.. maybe the meet in the middel of the map, with a enamy :)
    so the need to defend them self.

    its working in the small ship.. try yo make a new acc... and join the battlefild.. people dont have
    invisible. and start shoot on the first ship the see :)
  12. That can't be true. If it is by average damage how do with an average damage of 900 get into battlefield with 11 players with average damage of 3,000 or more?
  13. i have an idea to prevent the players with same guild or allied its better if all the server combine in every death jaunt match since they called death jaunt is random event why not we make it to prevent the players play with their guild I hope bp get some idea.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2014
  14. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    i like the idea.. we play the jackpot battle like that in darkorbit
    But the problem with is that. its taking really long time before all players from servers around to join in.
    and what i understand its BP there manuel move players there have sign up for the jackpotbatle. sometimes we stuck in that map to.. and we need wait to the support move our ships :)
  15. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    i like how it is on the test server now.. thats ok.. no have time to find together.
    but sad the dont fix the invisible.
    i still hope it will be like this:
    when you join the battlefind, your invisible will end. When the countdown reaches 0
  16. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    I must agree that some Time limt adjustments are needed. I just watched the last two players in a battle field, who were equally matched in HP values, spend almost ten minutes cranking up the hit and repair points for their rankings before finishing the match. Player one would fire on player two without player twi returnng fire. When the HP for player two got down to about 30% Player one would cease fire and allow player two to build up repair points. Then the cycle would start over. This continued for many cycles while the observers had to continually cancel the automatic logout timer. By the time they finshed the match, only two of the other eighteen BG players had hung arround to get credit for sticking it out to the end. "Bad Form, Smeade!"
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  17. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    I agree.Tthere should be something that once the match hits 6 players left, a count down timer starts at 3 minutes. If there is no winner by the end of the match, then those left alive forfeit the win, no winner is declared and no one gets the eagle medal or 3 coins.
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  18. phil1985

    phil1985 User

    i disagree it will make the game rubbish
  19. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    is you try it on the test server.. there is not a count down on that.. BUT, there is a new macth every 1,5 min. that mean.. you will automatisk try to win so quik you can, so you can start your next mach.
    that mean if a goupe of players want to find each other first and goupe up in one mach, let them. for we dont need to wait them.. we just join the next mach :)

    and there will be a bigger chance that the same players not playing together in the next mach.
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