Death Jaunt January 2014

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Fluffkins, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. lol dude it isnt random its done by levels im a level 19 and i have yet to have seen a big boat that hits more than about 2k....
  2. KnuX

    KnuX User

    same old bg smaller map way to fix nothing BP. Another fail
  3. I think its good strong vs strong,weak vs. weak or same average of their damage but I hate the size of the map that is too small, is there any idea affect the event .
  4. the reason why u r there is u same like them even u don't have dow now prove to yourself that u are stronger than them..
  5. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    yes i agree.. its by lvl.

    yes now its only make it more easy for the big guild to join up, and kill..

    it should not be possible to be invisible at all, on the map. when the countdown get to 0, then should invisible disappear.
    so its not that easy to goupe up.
  6. This sucks
    It doesnt count in Quest when you press cancel when you die in Deathjaunt
    Some People spend there time repairing in bg for achievements please fix
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  7. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    This is the most unbalanced, manipulated form of match there is. Supposed to be last man standing, but large guilds turn it into a team on TS vs a bunch of single players and then a long delay while they decide who gets to win at the end. I don't begrudge them for using this advantage, but BP give your head a shake and get rid of this crappy match type. It doesn't work and it is in no way balanced or fair.
  8. randy04086

    randy04086 User

    I firmly agree on the point also. The bf had become a pile of bull. The manipulation of the way this bf is played vs the way it was designed is going far into the left field. Along with all that you mentioned I am also seeing people call out locations in global. This is ridiculous. If you don't want to play fair your darn cheaters just quit and do something else before you completely ruin the fun of this game for the rest of us. Shame on you people that scam, cheat, and manipulate this game.
  9. brutality

    brutality User

    it is not done by level ,your are selected by ur average damage that u do. and it is ridiculous either way about it, if they wanted to make smaller map size then they should of made the amout of players less and ran more, ,all that they have done was allow it to be controlled even more than usual! another failed attempt to make something better but in turn its much much worse than ever. all that is happening is allowing the biggest strongest guild to control the larger matches. this is not last man standing it is who has the most DOW's in there guild, is all it is!! you cant compete with them, basically we are being punished for not having full Dow's or full glads maxed out.!! should not be this way by any means at all. I can understanding working together but , when it is like 70-80% of 1 particular guild to 10-20% others , there is no way and there is no competion in the game , they are not proving they are the BEST!! they only proving that they can manipulate the game the best . same old song and dance .
    Also what is with allowing players to sit and rep for the achievement! but yet we have to sit and watch them do this for 10 min. everytie , just so we can get the credits for the quest!! another way to manipulate the game!!! BP fix this one way or another please, before noone wants to play the game of battlefields( if we dont play it doesnt hurt us as much as yall( lack of ds being spent , lack of ammo , consumables and all, that yall would loose out on, doesnt seem like good business either way to me!! hoping that you fix it, cuz of right now i know of like 10 big spenders that aint playing BF anymore.
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  10. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    brutality.. you are right, it was damage before, the change that to...
    we have 4 players in the guild with the same ship, same cannons, and damage, 1 player is lvl 25, 1 player 36, 1 is 39 and one 45.

    the only 2 player there meet is lvl 36 and 39.

    so we think the make like this

    31-40 togather
    41-50 together.

    you can see in the end of the game, who is in your map... if you know the player, so will know there lvl.
  11. YEah it kind of like that
  12. Re: RIP New BG
    First of all why did they make the Map smaller?? the consumable Assasins gate is now a lot worst
    Ive used it 10 times and 5 of those i was next to my oponent and 3 i was 2 blocks aways from them
  13. it not group by level im lvl 43 and there are sloops in our map and sometimes there is frigate with samml amout of hp I don't know how they group the player in every match
  14. One reason locations of players is being called out is to encourage them to attack each other instead of hiding in corners. We are stuck watching them sip tea or whatever if we want to get quest credit for the game.

    BTW, a simple change that could keep the thing moving is that if more than a minute goes by without someone being sunk the game ends and you gets your coins and no one gets an eagle. You bet players will seek each other out for battle! Also reduces guild ability to manipulate under that pressure.
  15. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    haha... i am lvl 45.. and can still have a slup... you can not look at the ship, and hp.. you need find the player and see what lvl he have.
  16. zoOoz

    zoOoz User

    this game is unfair .. they always put me with the same players and they are strong ...!!

    why do not they change the players with whom I play !!!
  17. brutality

    brutality User

    im level 50 and went in a duhka and still put me with dow's , if player amounts were smaller, then it would be fun again they couldnt rule it like they are,
  18. zoOoz

    zoOoz User

    im lvl 26 and i know other players who always play with me in the same arena and their levels are 42 , 37 , 28 ... it does not depend on lvls !!
  19. Saphir

    Saphir User

    Yes, this is true. Depends on what is your fire power, not your level. You can have level 40, but if you shoot with 2000 you will have enemies in event who shoot with around 2000.
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  20. So the leader of this event for the last 2 days is also a Mod in the Arabia 1 server. All the lower level players are being rolled over to the waiting list. It seems there is only one battlefield. The same players are getting in. I am getting wait listed on average 7 out of 8 matches. At this rate, there is no way I won't get near a chance at a shock rocket or barbed deck without spending a lot of money. Well, I won't be spending it here. This is just my opinion of course!
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