D.O.W banned from arena

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by capt_nick, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. If the DoW was available through just getting enough points, there would only be DoWs in the game and it wouldn't be fun anymore.

    Also, the Orca can't be the best ship in the game because then new players would have NO chance at ALL to get top 10 PvP and get the Orca.
  2. brutality

    brutality User

    alot of time, there arent 3 dow's all on 1 team, there is only a cple of guilds that do this(on us1), there are several guilds/teams that only have 1-2 dows and a glad or frost not all way maxed(after summer event most boats are maxed in some ways(sets) atleast those that started b4 summer9winter/halloween,so-on), but why should the dow owners not compete to help their guild get more dows??
    This doesnt not mean that a guild where every1 has a dow(edit as example) there is no reason for them to play 3v3 as they fullfilled their achievement for this arena(so maybe they should have to compete for other arenas(2v2 /1v1)but to be able to take 3 dows and put a level 8 noobie boat on the team and get that player(or their new level 8 account) a dow should not be allowed!
    there needs to be a happy medium in this
    Maybe make it so no more than 2/3 of team should be in a dow(just idea)
    but then again those complaining about dows in areans need to remember that even dows can be beat! they can be beat by frost by ahabs and by glads, even a stacked team can be beat if played right!!
    Now i do agree with flashing for 30 min or longer oreven shorter is rediuclous, all this does is frustrates others and then theysay heck with it, im gonna sit out of light9then those still hiding have easy targets!!:solution maybe put a 2 light maximum on it for each player(then it would add strategy to)
    But there does need to be some things changed, it will need compromise and alot of hard thinking like if we do this then that will happen or if we do that then they can manipulate it this way.
    alot of things would help some very simple, personally i think the flashing would make big differance, i cant tell u how many times ive had to sty underlight for long periods of time, just so i dont give them the drop on me and then turn right around and ay i aint hiding for this long ,then come out of light and sit there, just to be jumped seconds or even minutes afterward and lose for that reason only!!
    just my opnion on all of this, but before making radical suggestions, think about the end results for all situations before jumping to ridiculous solutions
    and as always happy hunting and good luck
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  3. vino

    vino User

    Agreeing to capt nick, - & adding few extra suggestion of my own

    see - user gets to win dow to show how strong he is
    user, who has dow, will have intention of finishing 10 arena wins in day for 500 diamond quest
    so, he will use his best ship - for getting arena wins
    we cannot ban dow ship from arena

    the point is- let there be two sets arena
    [ one arena normal -- & other arena -users going for Dow
    the second one [arena users trying for dow -- no Dow should be allowed to participate
    & also, users those who had already won Dow, shouldnot be able to participate ]

    there by - new users gets chance to win arena -dow
    & more so, users only those who are trying to get Dow - will fight each other
    & he need not, fight a user who already have dow [ as he already wona whole season
    the new user, might not fancy himself, against the strong dow user
    these big dows, come just to reduce few points of users who go fo dow
    & help few allies, - who r low in points to come up in rank & get dow

    Not fair
  4. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    I think you guys are missing the point. BP designed this game not to be fair but to be pay to win, pure and simple. They also know that the arena can be manipulated but still do nothing about it and it's the main reason why I never participate in it. Considering how few players there are on the US server and players like myself who refuse to waste their time in the arena or on other events that can be manipulated, I doubt they will change anything as it's not in their interest to do so as long as players continue to pay to be the strongest.

    So stop putting so much emphasis on getting a DOW or trying to relate on how unfair it is that players can use one in the arena. It may be the best ship in the game, but the strongest players with them have paid to have those ships be the strongest with full seals, blood moon deck, etc. and most likely coerced their way to winning it in some way other than by being the best in the arena. Frankly, the players with more integrity are most likely the long time players who don't have one and use the free ships they got through events to be strong players despite not having a DOW.

    After all, it's a poor carpenter that blames his tools and I know I do just fine with my maxed out ahab, frost piranha and dragon boat and yes, I also sink DOW's with them :)
  5. brutality

    brutality User

    rtp u said and i quote " Frankly, the players with more integrity are most likely the long time players who don't have one and use the free ships they got through events to be strong players despite not having a DOW."
    what gives you the right to think that any1 much less categorizing all dow winner cheat, I resent that comment myself you are basically saying that every1 who got a dow cheated!!

    Vino: why should i not be allowed to help a player in my guild win a Dow just because i have 1?? ! Dow does not always mean that they are gonna win, If most of yall put as much effort into learning and playing arenas to the fullest as you do coming up with ways to keep a Dow out of arena then there is chance they 1 can be owned
    A maxed glad has ,what like 8 cannons less than a Dow, that is what like 400 damage per shot? most times fights arent that close anyways,
    i have had super close fights (meaning within, 1k of being sunk) by frost ahabs and glads,
    Most of the time its the repeated flashing that gives so many an upper-hand in arena to catch opponent off-guard
    But to tell me i cant play to help a teammate win a dow after all the time, money (consumables,ammo and so-on)is as fair as some of what yall are trying to portray.
    Good luck and happy hunting.
  6. Honestly.. he's right. In the last 3-4 arena seasons on US1, the DoW winners have abused the system in some way, same, or fashion. It's worse in 2v2 and 3v3, but there's even pushing in 1v1, the only difference is that the push teams are strong players, instead of small frigates and sloops.

    ANIKHTE User

    i agree bigpoint wants us to pay for victory
    but as the game is i am not doing it nor i advice any other to do
    whats the point to spent 200 euro to stock things to try to win arena season and face a team of dows that will kill me and then loose to inferior team to give them the points and make them winners. i am sick seeing players level 23 with not even a good ship to have a dow. and this were able to win the arena fair lol and lol
    frankly all the people i know noone wants to try to win the season because of that
    so yes bigpoitns makes lots of imaginary money.
    if she solved the arena then every season many people would try to win it and spent money for that.
    every time you tell that you get your thread closed
    as if if they lock the thread will not make people know what happens in the game

    ANIKHTE User

    oh the dow owners a dow is so close to a gladiator a dow looses from a gladiator and now i have heard that an eagle can kill dows in arena !!!!
    so really if for a dow owner your ship is that really bad why you defend it so much and you want to stay in the arena?? according to your words you should be better off with a gladiator
    because as you also admit DOW is the best ships that why you want it to be still in arena
    because despite all this whining dow will kill glad most of the times.
    so you thing 400 per shot is little when you shoot around 6 times at least in a game
    thats 2400
    suddenly the difference is not that little and if we add the more hit poitns for the dow
    of yes suddenly the dow will always sink a glad by 1 shoot at least

    the point is not if a dow player can play his dow
    the problem is that a gladiator can not defeat a dow
    plain and simple
    sometime i like the middle ages
    because if you were complaining in that era that gladiators is better than dow
    then the king will force you to use that.

    DOW owners make up your mind is dow is dow better than gladiator or not
    if it is worse as you all say then leave it aside
  9. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    If you actually read my comment, it's an encouragement to those who go through this game without having a DOW and become strong players anyways and the fact I have more respect for them overall

    As well, it's a well known fact in the community that money has exchanged hands in the past in order to be on a very strong arena team with other teams agreeing to block and push for them to help ensure they win the season. Given the recent blocking and pushing issues over the last year by various guilds who have learned how to abuse the arena configuration, yes I believe there is a reasonable doubt as to the integrity of many of the players who have a DOW. Hence my respect for long term players who have become strong without having one or giving into the need to circumvent the arena system to get one.

    As for my right to think the all DOW owners are cheaters, I don't. I imagine there are DOW owners who have earned it fair and square but I also believe they are likely to be the minority. The fact that you're so easily offended by my comments and then try to defend your own actions as a DOW owner and all the money you spent just reinforces the ideas conveyed in my original comments.
  10. JAWS1974

    JAWS1974 User

    i think that dow holders must be banned because they team up and nobody can even dent them. if bp wants to make money in arena, such as buying consumables and other things. they should be banned all those players who already have them. i think bp has a database who all have won it. otherwise. i keep trying to get a tween deck but still waitlisted. i think bp has records of all ip addresses who play arena. i will be trying but most of players have quit or planning to quit playing arena. if bp wants more money in their pockets they should be, at least, try to find those ppl who are blocking arena in order to win the season. im getting fed up of this game, i ve been playing it for more than 2 years. so plz find those blockers and ban them for life. they are hurting bp and us.
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  11. brutality

    brutality User

    just 1 thing why is that a dow should get banned form playing, , a dow owner isnt always the 1 blocking and any do can be beat on any day, we all hav see it over and over again,
    the main issues are the blockers for arenas

    ANIKHTE User

    the problem is a team of dows will win a team of any ship
    so good luck trying to win the season.
    now if you want to play season with ahab gladiator or another ship that will be your personal taste and any ship you will choose will be available by anyone. so all play with the same rules.
    now we only get pushing
    people not playing arena
    that means peopel not spending diamonds on consumables

    There are 3 viable options
    1) Team with a DOW will not reduce your rating not increase it (all whining owners will use them for their easy victories but will not effect the rating of anyone)
    2) Not allowed to enter arena with a DOW
    3) Make a new arena only for DOW owners where they can go and fight other DOW teams to unlock the items but of course there will be no DOW reward cause all will have one. They can call it DOW arena and owner can participate only there.

    Also not about dow but in the arena pushing if i put for arena and i do not enter then my team loose and its rating is affected and the other teams gets the points and rating boost.
    It is frustrating trying to find a game and most of the time enter arena and go back to global with nothing. There are people who just want to unlock items. And there are not simple match to play because of that.

    If these 2 are solved then the arena pushing will be over and i will try to go for the season. And many others like me. Now there is no option to participate.

    My problem are in the few people that uses their early dows to destroy the arena for the rest of us as it is now there is no arena
    finding game in 3x3 is nightmare because of the 5 slots
    and surely bigpoint can see that the winning team is a joke in power
    all the time bigpoint wants proof well they just do not want to do anything just check the winning team and the dows teams how low they ended
    i am not the only disappointed in the game
    i see it all over the forum that there is a general bigpoint has left the game and that is not good for the company
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  13. Braylion78

    Braylion78 User

    At moment I can't get a Dow i FINALLY got a glad an have it pumped but I still can't get the twin deck for it. My guild is struggling for 3v3 an 2v2 do to blocking. I'm sorry but I feel big point don't care about game.......but they don't want us to cheat of any kind. Yet they don't want to fix the issues of arena an battlefield.....Big Point u want proof?? Get come company workers non dev non admin an get then playin in the game to SEE with ya own eyes. I say have USA server merge with Europe server I bet we the players will get treated better an have our complaints looked in too over there. If ya think I'm bad mouthing I'm sorry I'm only posting what I feel an see. I want a bloodmoon deck an I don't mind spending some cash but 900 bucks ???? Cause auction was purposely bidded on by another player yet they let it go in the end cause they didn't have the funds. Don't ask for proof look in to the history. One way to fix make it to where Dow an bloodmoon deck an twin deck r buy able really make it buy able.
  14. Realm-1

    Realm-1 User

    guys my 3 v 3 team last night played 3 DOW v us 2 glads and 1 frostband is this fair ?? or they just trying to stop poeple from winning a dow the game is fixed so poeple cant win the ship
  15. Demetrius

    Demetrius User

    Fluffkins m8, I have seen this answer in several threads and I agree with u but I find it incomplete. Why don't u all mods have a link with simple directions or guidelines on how we gather evidence in order to inform about bots? Even better why don't u give us the chance inside game to record some suspicious matches ? (for example to have the option to record last match for 5 minutes after end and to only have the option to click a button sending video to customer support).

    As for the threads subject I believe that most DoWs came from pushing and bots and if BP stops the farming and battle bots and also find a way for fair battles in Arena (for example u can play 3v3 after level 40 etc) maxed glads will have no prob sinking them. A maxed glad with a DoW have a difference that can be eliminated from battle technique, orders and items. A good fighter that knows that he will face a non-cheater will have confidence and with a nice battle ship with proper cannons, balls, caps orders and items can win every ship in arena (or else a Piranha or a Devastator wouldn't have a win after a level).

    PS: It is said that recently BP closed more than 10 accounts from a certain alliance in a server due to farm bot they used in order to have items in arena and in maps, please continue this without any pause and u will be awarded with new and active members, everybody who plays internet games like Pirate Storm will appreciate a "clean" game.
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  16. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    Agreed Demetrius. a clean game would be nice and for BP to actually fix this issue as well as lag issues, etc. it would be helpful to make a much better game. Recently, another game I play (world of tanks) just permanently banned over 8K accounts for botting and are introducing new measures that will disable accounts for improper game play, etc. it would be nice if BP would actually put some monitoring capabilities on their games so such exploitation could be better hindered.
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  17. Demetrius

    Demetrius User

    couldn't agree more m8
  18. Braylion78

    Braylion78 User

    sad part BP is losing players cause of the coruptions, an i hear they doin this and doin that but i still dont SEE the improving i keep playin cause i have put money in to the account yes yes call me crazy but i did pay for things, other wise i would have stopped playin the game i see new ones coming in to the game ive seen so far 6 players new to game who came from pirates of carribian that game is shutting down for good soon if not now. and here they r coming in to a new game to them and have no idea yet that Piratestorm will soon join the ranks of pirates of carribian a dead game BECAUSE of the corruptions. i have a gut feeling This will happen and i feel BP dont care about there players, well at least the US server ones i hear the Europe server is treated nice lol hell i would move to it if i knew another lang but i dont.

    the game made so much money over the years and is still making money i dont see why they dont invest in to the game and improve it more. like really look at players ideas and redoin things like the arenas setting it up for lvls like lvls 1-10 vs each other and lvls 11-20 vses each other and 21-30, and 31-40 and 41-49 and 50s vses 50s in all 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 a program shouldnt cost THAT much to just do that even.

    and for bloodmoon deck if u own it already it SHOULD block those who already own it from bidding again a program doin just THAT shouldnt cost much eather

    As for the items they should have it set to unlock it much easyer and as for a dow keep the dows separate from the items im sure they can split it from the items atleast on points some how.

    ANIKHTE User

    you are serious now
    that a team with dows can be killed by a team of gladiators???
    it will be all about technique inc cannonballs and items??
    i do not want to spoil it but the dows will also use the same cannonballs and items
    so good luck getting the over the handicap a gladiator has over a dow

    what technique dow shoots more have more life and 2% on dodge and resistance
    the numbers are not there for you technique or not

    as for a gladiator with bllod moon deck is equal with a dow
    well the problem is the blocking teams have dows with the blood moon deck
    most probably the person with a blood moon deck to have the dow also

    some people that post in here are definetly part of the problem
    with the things they say

    the game as it is now is a joke
    arena there is no arena
    battlegrounds there are not battlegrounds
    top10 for your guild ahahhahah another joke

    all the aspects of the game have serious issues and simple make the game
    unplayable for new players and old ones

    eu4 server after 13 months of operation only 2640 people are 7 star ranked
    thats a failure of the company because it makes new people run away from the game
    if you are not 7star at least the odds are that you wont spent money n the game

    i go farm and all i see the same people new people are so hard to find

    either bigpoint will fix the issues or the game will die.
    a person talked to support about a person using bot and they ask for screenshoot???
    how on earth a screen shoot they can see the bot??? only them know
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  20. JAWS1974

    JAWS1974 User

    can 1 player get another dow? meaning having 2 dows in its whaarf? otherwise, im playing battleground in us server and i quit playing because 1 team is only 1 guild and dont let other play in that team, how can bp allows that?
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