D.O.W banned from arena

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by capt_nick, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. capt_nick

    capt_nick User

    I think if you have won a D.O.W from arena you should not be aloud to use it in arena. seeing as the whole point of doing arena is to try and get the D.O.W Now i have seen countless times D.O.W being used. for example 3vs3 2 D.O.W and a glad. the chances of being able to win is very slim. so the strong get stronger and the not so strong are left fighting for nothing. if big point banned D.O.W from arena it would even the playing field.
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  2. =PDL=RJS=

    =PDL=RJS= User

    I agree with this as im sure many others do also,it will help make the game fair for all.
  3. Realm-1

    Realm-1 User

    i Agree with nick make arena fair for all
  4. ToReRoS

    ToReRoS User

    Why BP do not use CURSED of DOW-player who won DOW has write away open all arena improvements in all 3 sphere-just for the DOW-(this way we will avoid participate DOW in arena for improvements) and if player decided to participate in arena with DOW -with his cursed he affect to all players in arena where no one will not get no pvp points or skulls ( no count at all)-just act all like ahab-only solve pirate glory-that way we will avoid all future missunderstending about DOW.Beacuse DOW is reward who help player to show his power in pvp zones,in battlefield arena or plundering guilds.!!!
  5. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    Terrible idea. I do not have a DOW and will probably never get one because i do not have the time it takes to win one, but I think this is a terrible idea. You need to remember that there are achievements for winning every arena tier. So if you win the DOW in 1v1, why shouldn't you be able to use it in 2v2 and 3v3 to try and win the season and close those achievements. Why punish someone that has busted their tail to get strong enough to win a DOW? My idea on this topic - stop expecting people to hand you stuff without working for it (because that is basically what you are doing). Work for what you want and quit expecting people to make it easy for you by eliminating strong players from certain areas of the game.
  6. Realm-1

    Realm-1 User

    do you think you could win in any way if theres 2 DOW and a glad in 3v3 or 2 DOW in 2v2 ??
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  7. capt_nick

    capt_nick User

    because most people in my server (server 1) who win dow organize it before the season starts. so there members that have dow push them up as i said the strong get stronger the not so strong dont get anything no matter how hard they work. pirate storm should be about fair play and as it stands its not. and GuanoCrazy if you are not bothered about trying to get the dow then u have not tried so u dont know and have no room to comment on this matter. if the dow does not get banned from arena then bp should remove names and tags then it is harder for these players to identify who is who. i have asked many people in my server and most agree with this
  8. i agree with this it is not fair facing a whole team of dows in arena who are temaed up with weaker players in the guild pr alliance who dont ever play a match and get wins for the dow noone else stands a chance i think there should be a rules in arena like. 1 noone can use a dow, 2. the should be a time limit so ppl cant constaly use flashes to hide and hope the othe team leaves. and 3rdly players aloud to bost up other teams to get them into the top playing teams.
  9. I believe he is asking, not to ban players with DoWs, but the DoW itself. I have talked to people before about this, and it is a pretty good idea. The DoW is an arena ship and is based on arena but when you have 3 Galds, or 3 Frostbrands going up against 3 DoWs, it is going to be hard to win.

    I agree that people shouldn't be handed out DoWs by eliminating strong players, but 3 DoWs, hitting 10k plus averages against Glads hitting 6k averages, it isn't going to go well...

    On my server (USA1), botters own the arena. We have 3 DoWs for 3's and 2 DoWs for 2's. Since the bot every day, they have virtually unlimited diamonds to buy consumables and special ammo to win with ease.

    I think they should ban DoW boat from the arena. People with DoWs could still use whatever boat they want, just not the DoW... Would definitely improve the arena.
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  10. Fluffkins

    Fluffkins User

    If you have any evidence of players botting then send all your evidence to the Customer Care Team which can be done by clicking Here, and someone will be happy to look into it.
  11. Fluffkins, I personally do not have evidence, but the players I refer to have already been banned for botting. Everyone knows they do it.
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  12. capt_nick

    capt_nick User

    fluffins the best thing to do is play arena yourself for a few days then u can see with your own eyes what we are talking about :)
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  13. ToReRoS

    ToReRoS User

    Soon ,it will be happened in all servers like it was in Arabia server -you all will see a player low lvl to has a DOW in higher zones and he will be sunk by NPC ships.We all agree that something need to be changed in that way ( not large number of players has DOW yet)What will be later you can go all to Arabia server and looking what is doing here- Only 2 guilds members got DOW and they control all game-from who win next season to who will buy a bloody-moon deck in auction-I think if anyone win a DOW in one arena with one kind of ship why he does*t repeat this in other arena with the same ship what he use before-because this is never-ending game?Is not it? So who is in a hurry?To solve all achievements write away?Better kill monsters in all zones!:)
  14. The only point to this stream is that there is no way for a non paying player to win a DOW. This is probably the way that BP designed this because they are in business to make money. I will never win a DOW and I have accepted that. However, this makes newer and inexperienced players very frustrated. It is just too difficult to even get items opened up in 2v and 3v due to the lack of players in these. This is costing BP money in the long run and that is the only reason that the arena (at least in USA1) needs to be revised somehow.
  15. capt_nick

    capt_nick User

    i am a paying player i have spent a small fortune over the 2 years to be as strong as i am and i know countless other players that are the same this is not about if u spend money or not as i have seen weak players with dows this is about guilds fixing arena before it has even started and using there dow to do this
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  16. SaltyDawg

    SaltyDawg User

    Banning DOTW from the arena is a bad idea.
    There are many Gladiators and even Ahabs that can beat a DOTW in the arena.
    Facing 2 DOTWs in arena is NOT a losing proposition nor is 2 DOTW and A Glad in 3v3...
    Players who fought and earned their DOTW can use it anywhere in the game.
    With all the sets and Captains Orders and buffs these days, a Gladiator, an Ahab and even a Frostbrand can win over a DOTW..........
    This idea would have had more merit before the addition of Captains Orders, the Sets and all the buffs that BigPoint came out with.
  17. capt_nick

    capt_nick User

    so what about a dow with all these sets and capt orders would always be stronger than any other ship u gave no mention of this in your post. so 2 maxed out dows and a maxed glad would always have the advantage over glads. and these posts are about arena being fixed. the ahab should also be banned from arena.......
  18. Realm-1

    Realm-1 User

    SaltyDawg looks like you got DOW i agree with nick
  19. It doesn't matter if other boats can beat DoWs. When a DoW is trying to win the season, like most of them do to prevent others from getting DoWs and to sell DoWs, it is almost impossible to beat them.
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  20. sasacar98

    sasacar98 User

    My opinion is that DOWs should be enabled for all players, with this selling acaounts will stop, and geting dow wont be got by cheating, it should be write, that for dow you need more wins than the best reward item in all arenas, so in 1v1 that is 3000 points, in 2v2 6000 points and in 3v3 7500 points, also it should be done, that in all servers if you get on waiting list in arena you get also points(mayby 2 or 4points) between 10AM and 10PM, also all sobek achievements should be remaked so that achivement for wining seasion be achievement in what you need to get enought points in one seasion like i already wrote.
    And one more thing, i think that orca should be best ship again, and that best players get best ship.
    I think this isnt bad idea, and it will solve a lot of problems you guys mentioned :)
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