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  1. good morning, I would like to share a situation that we witnessed on the latan1 server, I will tell a little story just for context, currently on the server there are 3 active guilds, not with many players, there are more, one of them has more active players, the question that what I want to get to is the arena, currently we only play x1, for fear of taking BAN, we want to play x2 and x3, because there are many good items in it, but we are afraid of taking BAN for pushing or anything like that, because currently they are few players, divided into a few guilds, which would lead to a direct confrontation between them, between guilds and between members of the same guild, which the support could understand as pushing, I ask that the moderators pass this situation on to the game administrator and change the policy of how account interactions are identified in the arena, because currently if you play arena every day, you always play with the same players, we are afraid to play arena x2 and x3 because of this, an idea that we could was sa go from the guild to play, but the benefits of the guild would be lost, Arena in the game today and it's always been something very good, especially the 2x2 and 3x3 where we play as a team and with our friends, we players are playing this game because we love them, we are doing our best on our own to bring more players to the server, helping the newbies that have emerged in recent times, even though it is difficult for them, but we are motivating and helping them, just like the issue of the return of patents, I ask that the forum moderators forward this to the admin and buy our fight too, this bigpoint game is amazing, thanks to them many made lifelong friendships, thank you
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    Since you are new to the Forum it is doubtful that this is a legitimate account. It appears that you are requesting permission to push arena without being banned.

    The Forum Team is unsure of your request in this post.

    Happy Sailing!
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