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  1. I didn't receive a new agreement, at least not that I remember since the company changed hands. Was it on a log in screen or was it sent to you?

    Someday, maybe not in our life times but someday, I really believe that wars will be won by gamers playing against each other without death or damage to innocents.

    I wish that time was here now. I honestly think that gamers are a people unto themselves. We may fight each other in the game but apart from an occasional bully (from any nationality) we do not hold grudges, we just play. I wish the whole world was like cyber.
  2. new agreement was on log in screen - think you had to tick it -- was about a week ago

    ANIKHTE User

    here is the post in the forum highlighting the changes
    Change to the contractual partner, place of jurisdiction, applicable law
    Following internal restructuring, all the game accounts registered under Bigpoint Sàrl and Co, SCS have been transferred to our German company, Bigpoint GmbH. Your new contractual partner for your game user agreement is now Bigpoint GmbH in Hamburg and the place of jurisdiction (new: Hamburg) and the applicable law for the user agreements (new: German law) have therefore also changed.

    and here is the part that says that the company will be under german law.
    at 1/11 in your log in screen you had to accept the new terms or you could no longer play
  4. War.hero

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    Thank you all dear friends
    But when the game was nice that all the countries in which they played like Iran and North Korea
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  5. that would have been 12 days ago, but I must be losing my mind--i don't remember ever seeing that screen.
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