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  1. Worked for awhile today. Now its down AGAIN.
  2. Elceknar

    Elceknar User

    Chat still down! Why?
  3. Again NO CHAT. Really? This is ridiculous.
  4. Everyone who hasn't, please send in tickets to support. Keep sending them in, one after another. :)
  5. Again chat is down. Reloaded 25 times and NO CHAT. Come on BP fix this already. I sent a ticket, same old response. "the issue is being addressed".
  6. Spam support with tickets. Keep asking to fix it.

    They're not going to, but it might annoy a support rep enough that (s)he quits. :)
  7. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    The team have been restoring the chat server which is the reason why it works again. Unfortunately they had not identified the reason for the chat's repeated crashes. It is working currently.
  8. Not now. It worked all morning but is DOWN again. Per support " This issue has now been resolved."
  9. randy04086

    randy04086 User

    Chat broke right now?
  10. Mine not working again
  11. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    ANIKHTE User

    the game chat is so problematic, there is not wonder why users use others programs to talk

    when the global channel is not global!?!?!? and thus you can not put a message there for all to see
    you have to log out, change the language log in again to try to find the player you want to talk with
    and i try it i try to speak with some spanish so i put spanish language and log in,
    use 1 english word and you get chat banned!!!!!!!
    i got whisper from an english person while i was in the spanish language, so i reply to him in english and i got banned

    so seriously??? this is chat???
    you can not whisper players because they use those strange characters
    even if you manage to start a conversation you will get banned because you use wrong language

    do they even realize that the servers are called european ???
    if they make a server only for 1 country go ahead and patrol for th elanguage used, but as it is now

    the chat
    1. is not working most of the time
    2. players are isolated from the language chosen
    3. communication between players will get you chat baned

    and the fun of it
    the only reason
    the game is still alive is because of program like teamspeak
    because you make friendships and you just log in there to talk to them and thus you keep playing hte game
    if it was not the sense of friendship between players a lot would have stopped long time ago

    instead of the company that claims to make a mutliplayer game with no means of communicating!?!??!?!
    bigpoint ought to provide with such a good communicating system that using programms like teamspeak was not going to be appealing

    if i tries to use the game chat all the time i was going to be banned
    and talking with support to lift the bann

    i done the first month of the game and i stopped
    and what about people that do not have the game in their native language
    oh yes forget about them if they use it they will get banned

    it seems trying to communicate with other players in piratestorm is the worse offence you can do
    you are hunted down like a dog and get punished hard

    you can keep the no talk policy bigpoint, we do not use your chat because it is not for talking it is for banning
  13. ok thank you anikhte

    ANIKHTE User

    if the company actually provide a chat that we can use
    and with voice support
    because if you can talk then you can play and talk
    if you type then you type you do not play

    give something to the players that they can actual use
    a bad joke of typing chat in 2016 is not an option is a joke
    the chat is so bad that have it or not in the game it is the same

    actuall remove it, it will make the game looks better, 1 less reason for so many compalins
  15. we lose time type , if the game have tatic for speak with voice and play was prefect , now we must use other tatics
  16. War.hero

    War.hero User

    Why can not they play Iranians

    ANIKHTE User

    for that you can thank USA, they are in trade embargo with Iran and they ask polity the company to do the same.
    And it is not only Iranians, it is North Korean and a few more other countries that at sixths time speaking are isolated in the global level by UN.
  18. Big Point was sold and I think is owned by a Chinese company now. Even if the original German Big Point decided not to extend to countries not allied with Germany or the US (that doesn't even sound plausible, though) the new owners don't have to abide by that.

    If we get to vote, I vote the Iranians and North Koreans or any other country who has gamers in if they want to play :)

    ANIKHTE User

    not plausible???
    they made an announcement saying all iranian will not be able to continue playing
    and wrong
    12 days ago you had to agree with the new terms of condition which state that big point is transfered back to germany so now bigpoint is under german law
    so yes the owners are chinese but the company needs to comply to german laws.
    so the ban is still on until the embargo in this countries is lifted
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