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  1. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    The sooner you merge the servers the less complicated it will be later. As it stands soon everyone in Us1 will have a Maxed DoW at the rate arenas are going.
  2. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Maxed dow??? I am completely confident that it is only a few.
  3. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    Its not. anyone who gets a DoW already has all unlocks. will only take a couple diamonds and they will have a fully loaded DoW.
  4. remus63

    remus63 User

    maxed DOW should be fully loaded with bombastic lvl 3,moon deck,moon improvements,bf improvements,full captains orders,and scrolls of power on higest lvl so I don't think that all DOWS have this because its not some diamonds but a LOT of diamonds.If you put money maybe you will have maxed dow but with farming its very difficult.
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  5. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    + now here is new unpossible Dragon deck also..
  6. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    i meant reasonable maxed. decks full sets and bombs. all of what you said will take tons of money and years of farming. and no one on Us1 should be doing that because if they have the money to do that they should just buy a dow on Eu and give up on Us1. :D
  7. remus63

    remus63 User

    EU also doesn't have that kind of DOW maxed maybe in 5 years I will have it :)
  8. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    I mean it would be unfair to all thos who earned the dow legit.. everyone on Us1 gets bloodmoon and DoW basically free. someone has almost the full bloodmoon set already there. they are missing 1 piece. and people make 100k+ easy on bask day because no one does them but certain people.
  9. lol really so theres no lvl 1 dows on eu no lvl 5 glads haha better look again certain guilds run the arena on those servers same has any other server only diff is u will get matches all day there thats it.and for bloodmoon stuff check when its done on those servers same person wins most of the good stuff so stop crying its the same on all servers just some are more active then others
  10. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    Actually farming basks is way different so diamonds come easier on Us1. While EU1 people have to spend money to get that many diamonds. And no one bids on the good stuff so the stronger players get handed everything basically free compaired to how much it goes for on Eu1.
  11. no its not ive been on eu1 u can get bask there just the same as here called sniping and u can still make 100k in diamonds can make the same amount.
  12. remus63

    remus63 User

    with farming you can get 5-6k diamonds every day and for lvl3 bombs you need over 10mil so you need a lot of farming years :)
  13. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Easy??? 24 hours of active hunting is for you easy ? Those players who are mostly the whole long day in the game. It seems that you've never done it ourselves why do you think also that it is easy.

    Claiming that the server US1 moon set were the most affordable prices - is wrong!


    Now we look "hard" EUR prices

    EUR1 - whoaaa one person GOT ALL SET!!



    Only EUR 4 had higher prices.
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  14. What do any post on page 3 have to do with chat? By the way US1 chat is down again.
  15. Moose357

    Moose357 User

    Chat is down again, keep it together BP. :cool:
  16. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    i have done an auction for that much. its easy just takes time and clicking 1 button XD
  17. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I have forwarded the issue to the team. Thanks for letting me know. :)
  18. The US1 chat is down AGAIN. The issue is getting ridiculous.
  19. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    it seems that they thought that the game was not yet dead enough.
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  20. CPTCrooked

    CPTCrooked User

    Still no game chat after reset today.
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