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  1. Maybe they're testing a way to detect possible botters and/or cheaters.. who knows.

    P.S. Who are we kidding! Another thing broken with BigPoint :D although.. to be broken something has to be right first lol
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  2. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod


    It is possible that you were chat banned due to a previous conversation. If you wish to inquire about why you were banned please contact the Customer Care Team. They will be able to explain why the ban occurred. To do so click Here. Remember to include your user id and the server you play on in your ticket to Support.

    All the best.

    Guild chat can indeed be monitored however as it is considered a private room there is not a restriction on the language (french or english or other language) a player can use when in private chat. From the description you provided it sounds like you were auto-banned rather than being banned by a moderator.
  3. SeaWolf101

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    Yes, I did inquire twice. The first time, I got chat right back within 24 hours after e-mailing the Care Team. Then 5 days later about the same time of day between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM US central time, I was busy doing missions, not using chat of any kind (or really reading Global chat for that matter). When all of a sudden, Global chat box flashed and went blank saying I was banned for the same amount of time as before, (Aug through Oct). The second time, I never said a word. Actually I hardly ever use Global or Guild chat. When I have, I am always respectful of everyone. Have never abused chat (or any players). I do not swear in chat rooms anywhere. I do not bot/cheat playing any games on or offline. The only thing I said the first time around was, gf ty (good fight thank-you) to a fellow player as they said the same to me. For many years I've been playing Pirate Storm, gf ty (good fight thank-you) has been used everywhere on this site without incident. If gf ty (good fight thank-you) is indeed a swear, then the chat ban is just.
    Because I rarely use Guild and moreover Global chat rooms, I frankly don't miss them. I just glance at the chat box (if I have the box up) more then chat. What makes this hard, if our Guild is being attacked, I can not speak to Guild members or if a good turn comes along on the open water, I'd like to be able to say gf ty (good fight thank-you) without incident to that player. It's only polite and fair for that player to 'hear' (read).
  4. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I inquired about this on your behalf and it appears that you were banned not for saying gf ty but for your guild tag. If a guild tag has been deemed offensive, using global chat with this tag in your name will result in a chat ban.
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  5. SeaWolf101

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    Oh My Word! Oh no...The Baddy's! On behalf of my bad guild, I am sorry. This I really didn't know.
    Thank-you so much, Wedgewood. You've come to my rescue again! Hugs!
  6. haunted415

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    I honestly think that is pathetic, an offensive guild tag why doesn't it tell you that when you create the guild tag???
  7. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    To be honest with you, I never knew there was such a thing as an offensive guild tag. I don't know how or why or what was said or where...I really don't want to know, because that's between the CM's and the people involved.
    I joined this guild recently within a couple of months. It seems to be a good guild, in the fact we're in the top 3. As far as I'm aware, we never received an E-Mail from the CM's stating we were tagged. However, is it a handful of members that caused the trouble? if so, why punish the entire guild with an offensive guild tag?! (Just have to ask, because I'm really not up on things like this, lol).
    To me, it's just sad to punish an entire group of people when it was probably just a few who were offensive.
  8. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I'm afraid the decision is not due to the behavior of players but the name of the guild itself. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. To the best of my knowledge one can still use guild chat but is unable to use global chat without risk of being chat banned.
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  9. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    Even guild chat was blocked after a few minutes into gameplay. Not a problem. Like I said, I rarely use Global or guild chat rooms.
    Sorry, first I had to stop laughing...Then got frustrated...Hmm, the name?! Ok, the name probably is pushing the limit a wee bit, but so are other guilds out there with names that push the envelope one way or another.
    When the guild was formed, the name obliviously went through without problems like 'unacceptable name' or 'invalided name or 'name can't be used' that sort of thing. If the name offended the CM's or whomever, why wasn't it stopped then straight away?! Heaven knows the guild's been around for some time...Not just overnight.
    In my honest opinion, maybe it's time to loosen things up just a bit. The name...Really?! They say a lot worse in Disney's G and PG movies!
    I'm not trying to make trouble, just trying to make sense out of this...and am still quite frustrated! It is my guild after all.
    If any of my guild members have axon, I've made a room there with our INFAMOUS name.
    You can't miss the room. It's...Two blocks down...Take a left and you're in the kennel!
    Once there, maybe we can get together and come up with a more palatable name if permitted.
  10. SirEthan

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    Ik ye might be mad but ranting about it wont get you far. Approach a mod or admin and politely ask for clarification and it might get worked out. Going the way you are going, nobody is going to want to help you man :/
  11. slammer

    slammer User

    now i am curious what is the banned TAG.
    there have been in the past a .guild name changed bc of it being considered offensive by some, but the tag name stayed the same bc that was not offensive (C2C) the name being con dos conjoles (with 2 balls).
    Still a mystery how they got their name changed to We come back2. So names can be changed

    Also i remember another case where the Tag got changed by the admins And the admins just made up a new Tag for the guild.

    On the eu servers there are many different languages so something could be tradional acceptable in 1 language while in another language it is offensive or borderline.

    plus players are so creative in coming up with ways around the censor > i think with tags you cant be borderline bc this shows up in the chat. acceptable borderline tags VOC VUK bc they actually mean something normal in other langauges.

    there are many tongue in check names that seem to be ok Kiss My Axe, voc-king

    anyway what is this so offensive tag and maybe you should take Sir Erthans above advice.
  12. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I'm afraid I can only provide information provided to me. As a forum moderator do not have ability to make decisions as to when or why people are banned. I can however relay said information when able to. :)
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  13. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    With so many borderline names used, I'm afraid we're going to see a lot more bans.
    You did an excellent job, Wedgewood as always.
  14. I got chat banned for sinking Frik and telling him outside port. Then I posted what happened and got chat banned for "arguing with a Mod" when I wasn't arguing with anyone just stating what happened. I know now that I wont say anything anymore and I will cancel my Premium and stop paying for this game.
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