Suggestion cancel moon auction temporarily

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by lobisomen1998, Dec 17, 2018.

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  1. Hello, I wanted to give you a suggestion, you have to remove the moon auction until the bonus map bug is corrected, so players who use the bug can not pick up any moon items, and keep banning these players until they stop using bug.
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    Thank you for sending your inquiry to Support as well as for your suggestion.

    Support does not handle this type of inquiry. Please consider the Forum as an option to make your suggestion. See the following:

    We've set up an area in our forum for a collection of updates and ideas in order to take the creativity of our players into account. As soon as you have put your suggestion there, other players will be able to read it and give their feedback. This will help us to make improvements to the game, since we can get an accurate overall impression about the wishes of our community there. Then we can start incorporating the ideas into the game concept.

    Please visit the forum and share your suggestion with the community.

    We look forward to hearing your ideas on how we can improve the game for everyone.

    We hope we were able to help you with your concern and wish you lots of fun playing!

    Should you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  3. I'm in the support, they send me to the forum, I'm going to the forum, they send me to the support. I believe everyone wants the bug to continue so they can buy anything.
  4. vjmasiero

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    Most striking was that this was the obvious thing to do. But they prefer to let the thieves continue to ridicule the game !!!