Can someone make a begginer to pro guide?

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by RichboyQ, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. RichboyQ

    RichboyQ User

    This would be awesome if someone could take the time to make the ultimate beginner to pro guide...

    In this game it is very hard on noobs and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has heard about people blowing there diamonds on the wrong stuff. It would be cool if some of you very experienced players could make a guide for new players and explain things like what to buy first, what to avoid, how to get it, etc... When I started I had no clue how some players could have 50k+ HP on their boats I'm just know staring to get the idea but I haven't experienced going through the buying of a eagle set and having all the improvements a ship needs to be considered fully built...I still don't know what a fully built boat consists of... a list of all the improvements and how to get them would be nice... a guide to voodoo map in it as well on how to get bombs? best way to do it... just the whole 9 yards go all out say everything that needs to be known in the game...

    I think this will help a lot of players and I encourage/challenge you players who are level 50s who feel like the game is dying to make the ULTIMATE guide(sticky worthy) for this game and help the future generation and keep this game going because USA1 is falling apart and I think this will help a bit since this game does a horrible job of providing this type of information in game and players have no clue what to buy.

    Thanks hope some one can do it :)
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  2. SeaWolf101

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    I don't really know if a list like that exists. It would be great if it did! Unfortunately this game doesn't come with an instruction manual. We are given a ship in the beginning of the game. We're taught to pick up boxes for gold and goodies, given tasks to do to level up, shoot at an occasional in-game ship and a monster or two, and that's about it until we are released into the world, lol! The real fun is when you've entered into a PVP (Player vs Player) Zone! This at first will seem like The Twilight Zone! ;) :)
    The best that the more experienced players can do is to give you helpful suggestions and hints they've picked up along the way. I hope this helps you out in some way.
    First off, a guild would be an ideal place to start. In the guild, everyone helps each other out and learns through trial and error as they grow together. Once in a guild, try to save up enough diamonds for a 'guild' ship like the Paladin for example. This type of ship will benefit you and your guild by giving you more EP (Experience Points) as you sink things around you and collect gold and goodies. Once you're established in a guild, you can sail to you guild's home base. Click onto your guild (Upper left hand corner of the port's screen). This will open up a new area. In there, look around and see the different areas you can explore! There's a place in there you can buy blueprints (with your gold), to make Thunder Rockets and other bombs. There are other blueprints to choose from. It will tell you things you can buy right away and things that are locked.
    A word about cannons. Don't waste you time or gold on cheap cannons like the 8, 9, 10 and up. Wait until you have enough skulls saved up to buy large warrior cannons. (It's been so long since I've been able to play Pirate Storm. I think the large cannons go for 95 skulls each). The more large warrior cannons or even the small warrior cannons you have on your ship, the better it will be for you.
    Farm as much as you can for gold! This will also help you level up quickly. Remember to do the Daily Quests and other quests. That too will help you level up.
    Where to get skulls?! Zone 15. You'll come across a thing called PW (Port War)! You'll be sunk and sink other players for skulls. If you can, only sink someone once. No one respects a 'chainer' so please try not to chain other players. A player that keeps sinking the same person over and over again is called a Chainer. It just makes you and your guild, (if you have one), look bad and very much unrespected by other players and most guilds.
    OK, diamonds. A good source for diamonds is in Zone 13. That's also a great place to farm for gold and goodies. The higher up in the Zones you go, the better the diamonds and other goodies become. You'll need better weapons in the higher Zones if you're not leveled up enough to fight the in-game ships and monsters, oh yeah, and other players.
    Sorry, this is really just a thumbnail sketch of things for you. I hope it has helped you out. Good Luck in all your future endeavors! :D

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