Bring Back Old PVP Style

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by †MC†♣▒ķőšţĭş4▒♣†™, Jul 20, 2017.

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Bring back old pvp game play?

  1. YES

    378 vote(s)
  2. NO

    14 vote(s)
  1. queasco

    queasco User

    PLs de vuelta PvP system please <3
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  2. @WaterWillow @Jolly-Bonesjack please read everything :mad: If you want i send the question to be moderator and answer to everybody and report ideas about new events if you are not able
  3. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    This section of the Forum is for Updates & Ideas that are looked at from time to time by the Development Team. The Forum Team does not answer this section of the Forum, unless specifically addressed.

    The Forum Team is not the Development Team. We are not Administrators of Big Point. As I have stated previously, I personally passed on some of the suggestions from this Section to the Development Team.

    Your statement implies that the Forum Team is not passing on information to the Forum Community. This is simply UNTRUE! We pass on information as it is received.

    Happy Sailing!
  4. Any idea when the devolopment team last looked at this seaction ??? 1 year ??? 2 years ??? 3 years ??? We the players would really like to know. Cause as you know we have not seen any changes in the games in years.
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  5. raidmax

    raidmax User

    Admit at last that the game has no development team !!!!!
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  6. Come on ! We're asking it for 3 years ! 95% of players want it ! it's Not even HARD
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  7. Good evening,

    I vote Yes.

    Good luck to all and good game.
  8. why don't they come back with the old patent system? they were the essence of the game. take a test, put them back and pirates will return to the seas, this game is in our hearts but you forget it in the boat hold.
  9. .efsane.

    .efsane. User

    you want to gather in a map and exchange skulls
    that is not a pvp system.
  10. NIKSHI3

    NIKSHI3 User

    Bring back pvp!
  11. SP4R0S

    SP4R0S User

    Bring back pvp please
  12. BarBariaN

    BarBariaN User

    then small players cant get their first big ship
  13. .efsane.

    .efsane. User

    that s not a game for small players anymore
    a new server is terribly needed
    with certain rules.
    like : multiple accounts and account sharing are forbidden (for arenas and battlegrounds especially)
    so they prevent the game from dying.

    a new server will make BP rich
    -richie rich- rich
    and then maybe they rule the world with rockefeller and rothschild families.
  14. chav

    chav User

    i know you nutella,my nick was rreal_mann if you remember,ehe old day's,good memories:(
  15. teo.paros

    teo.paros User

    Fix the game , bring back old pvp system
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  16. D4D4S

    D4D4S User

    If you are not going to run the pvp system, why did you do it?

    Only 2 people have PvP ships. It's unfair.

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  17. perez_099

    perez_099 User

    Hello, I wanted to ask about the pvp rewards, the skulls, I would like to know if instead of being able to redeem them when you want, you have changed to a punctual event, or are they booming?
    I would like to tell you my opinion to improve the game, and is that the best way to encourage players to do pvp was with the previous rewards, and that you could redeem them when you want, I hope you take into account, also the pvp rating appears to me boomed, if you have difficulties to fix it I would recommend you to put the previous method of classification, which was much better, thanks, and I hope you try to do it, because you have a game in your hands.
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  18. I agree with you
  19. Please bring back OLD PVP STYLEE