Bring Back Old PVP Style

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by †MC†♣▒ķőšţĭş4▒♣†™, Jul 20, 2017.

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Bring back old pvp game play?

  1. YES

    375 vote(s)
  2. NO

    14 vote(s)
  1. MyWay1999

    MyWay1999 User

    i agree with newbiee in pretty much everything
  2. This game its about PvP ... If we havent this, this game its bored because even when we have events all weeks we need challenges to make them and not just farm and shoot NPC's.
  3. oh yeah right cause it's the only you can do, shooting weaker players, *EDIT*
  4. Absolutely.
  5. Dont cry lady
  6. I am a player of many games and thinking about games like clash royale or clash of clans you can copy the same system of cups (pvp) in these games when someone wins someone wins one and the other loses, that is, if they sink me I can lose 8 skulls but he can win 10 or more this makes it a reliable pvp system and by putting rewards makes people do not want to give it or change them and in vaz you do not lose that much, this is my idea because the game is very bored right now and less without people
  7. when will you play pvp sistem?:mad:
  8. MiniPirate

    MiniPirate User

    i have heard something about this. Maybe after the winter event
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    RUFY_ZORO User

    I agree to bring back the old system because it would bring more people and now there are not even the skulls of the game. it would be 100 times better, now everyone goes around with Achab it's not fun to shoot at NPC always we ask you to bring everything as it was before Thanks for the attention
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  10. Bring back old PvP system! This system sucks and no one likes it. Bring it back!
  11. ~BLANK~

    ~BLANK~ User

    So you can fix the ice beasts how about fixing some of the others problems in the game like bring back old pvp style and skulls and rankings. and fix glitched islands hmmmmm.
  12. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    PvP is fine, they have to start a season...
    Just blue map bug fix is enough.
  13. when will season go?
  14. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Whenever they start it. PvP should work like that:
    You win - get skulls and pvp
    You lose - lose skulls and pvp

    This is how PvP should looks like, like it or not.
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  15. i I agree to pvp to lose points.
    pirates are here to kill you that my opinion
  16. User

    why BP not give back old sistem PVP?many players has left this game because changed pvp sistem ,bring back old sistem pvp and coming again olds and many new players
  17. Perses

    Perses User

    Because now BP have very little profit from this game so therefore they don`t do anything on it other than fixing some bugs and banning players.
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  19. bring back the pvp system , old pvp is grate , new pvp is good too , BP we need the pvp system , FIX IT
  20. Fix it? funny. Really they havent done anything new to this game 3 years..
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