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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by joya, Aug 23, 2023.

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Bigpoint wake up

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  1. joya

    joya User

    Hello guys , @WaterWillow @Jolly-Bonesjack

    Give us ideas/information on how to show Bigpoint that players want them to update their game.

    Trust your players, who believed you when you created the game, that if you make updates they'll come back.

    And if you don't want to, ask for your banning rules to be changed, because it's all very well respecting your rules, but you're taking away players and money all by yourself. In no other Bigpoint game is there a system for permanently banning an account after just 1 ban.

    I'm not saying go back to 2018 or 2019, I don't remember when players could push into arenas, do the bug loadout or any other bug without the slightest fear of being banned. But to review certain things concerning your rules that date back to the beginning of the game but except that the game has totally changed today, for example there were updates :eek:.

    I know you're the forum team and you can only relay information, but you're the only ones who can still make a difference.
    The players are counting on you.:)

    • Best regards
  2. Hello Forum Team,

    We need you to tell us how to contact the Bigpoint team, we need them to see that even after 12 years the game remains active, you report that there are no updates because there is no profit for the team.
    So why spend money to keep the servers open?

    We just need you to return to the old PVP system, just by doing that the players would gradually return to playing making you acquire money.
  3. Wow, never thought Euro1 would be a ghost town--I "attacked" GOC, a level 50 guild on my own just to see if anyone was still on defending these level 50s. Got sunk--been so long since I attacked a guild, I forgot to load my cannons onto my event ship when i switched ships-should have just used my ahab but that seemed a little disrespectful, lol. (someone got ship points but it sure took you awhile to sink my Valkyrie). last week I "sailed" from Lupine to Gusty Cliffs to see if I had any takers, nothin. Either no one was online, or they didnt want to fight a big bad Godfather 2, or they were scrambling to dump their ahabs and get a ship that would allow points and missed me.

    I started playing in 2013 and was very active, spent a ton of money on ships and upgrades, supported or was a member of several guilds and remember the skulls, arena ships and skull accessories. There was a ship there for awhile that you could get for 15,000 skulls. Don't remember its type or seeing it around as I was very happy with my piranha. I remember when battlefields were so stuffed full that you had to wait for one--and it was really because it was full, not because there werent enough players fighting.

    Tried logging into the US server--couldnt. Real bummer, thought the paladin was the best looking ship, that was the only server i had one on. My guess is that some servers, including US, no longer exist.

    I wonder why Pirate Storm just isnt sold to someone who would develop it, rather than just parking it and allowing it to rot.

    Ok, I swear here, on my pirate booty, that if I win Lotto or something and can devote myself full time to great but forgotten games, I will buy Pirate Storm :)
  4. MoideGato

    MoideGato User

    hey bro, the USA server is open yes and I play over here. It's like the others, it doesn't have active players, just a few...