Battleground Week Background Story

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  1. The Tournament of the Great Five has been around for many years now, but it was never more successful than in this past edition! Thousands and thousands visited the various battlegrounds to wager, dicker and cheer for their favorite pirates. And the merchant houses were thrilled about the masses and the incredible atmosphere.

    As a result the five great houses — Sobek, Kirus, Pentar, Lodos and Buthu — decided to organize a recurring tournament, one that would also accommodate the smaller merchant houses. Because a tournament of the scale of the Tournament of the Great Five would be out of the reach for most merchant houses, there instead arose the idea of small tournaments involving the smaller houses, as well as the opportunity to benefit from the skills of the pirates.

    The smaller houses were all for the idea once they heard about it. Finally they too could have a close-up look at the skills of the pirates and hire the best mariners. It also finally offered the smaller houses the chance to sign contracts with one another and form partnerships.

    The community of pirates was naturally also very enthusiastic, sensing the chance for more lucrative commissions. And so a decision from the five great merchant houses created real satisfaction for all parties. The entire affair actually made the market more fair, as it ensured that all merchant houses could have a share of the winnings.

    The idea behind the tournament was quite simple: once per month there would be the so-called battlefield week where the pirates would reunite on the favorite battlefields from the Tournament of the Great Five to test their mettle against one another. And because the many smaller houses could take part in this tournament, the number of different battlefields would rise as well, since each house can sponsor a different battlefield!

    That means a full 12 battlefields in the future, with numerous new prizes for the best pirates!
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