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  1. Wedgewood

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    Each pirate house Battlefield has its own set of unique rewards.
    Note: The coin requirements and cost for items may be subject to change.


    Pentar - Creeping Death Rocket.jpeg
    Pentar - Deadly Talon.jpeg
    Pentar - Emblem of Peace.jpeg
    Pentar - Middle Pentar Deck.jpeg
    Pentar - Overload The Launcher.jpeg
    Pentar - Panther Fang.jpeg
    Pentar - Panther Jaws.jpeg


    Kirus- Blood Donor.jpeg
    Kirus - Lacerating Cannonballs.jpeg
    Kirus - Seaclaw.jpeg
    Kirus - Sound Breaker.jpeg
    Kirus - Swinging Shot.jpeg
    Kirus - Vampire Rocket.jpeg
    Kirus - War Cry.jpeg


    Sobek - Talon Axe.jpeg
    Sobek - Sanguine Drool.jpeg
    Sobek - Mast Crusher Rocket.jpeg
    Sobek - Lower Sobek Deck .jpeg
    Sobek - Icy Bite.jpeg
    Sobek - Evasion Maneuver.jpeg
    Sobek - Bite Of The Gator.jpeg


    Lodos - Steel Fin.jpeg
    Lodos - Shark Hide.jpeg
    Lodos - Sawtooth.jpeg
    Lodos - Ripper Rocket.jpeg
    Lodos - Quick Reload.jpeg
    Lodos - Global Maritime Insurance.jpeg
    Lodos - Attack Shark.jpeg

    Buthu - Upper Barbed Deck.jpeg
    Buthu - Shock Rocket.jpeg
    Buthu - Scorpion Plates.jpeg
    Buthu - Poison Cannonballs.jpeg
    Buthu - Poison Barb.jpeg
    Buthu - Large Buthu Frigate.jpeg
    Buthu - Gate Of The Assassins.jpeg


    Anansi - Anansi Sail.jpeg
    Anansi - Anansi's Balls.jpeg
    Anansi- Arachne.jpeg
    Anansi - Arocket-nid.jpeg
    Anansi - Booming Thunder Deck.jpeg
    Anansi - Engraved Bell.jpeg
    Anansi - Thunderclap.jpeg
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