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  1. Auction House: On the left side of your sea chart you will find a tool bar with a gavel icon. This will take you into the Auction House where you can pick up elite items for the cost of gold. You can take your chances at a new ship, (5) 12 or 18 pound cannons, (5) 12 or 18 pound Harpoon Launchers, Elite ammunition and other items which are rotated through out the week. So there will always be something different in the "AH" everyday.


    TheAuction Houseis also known as the"AH".

    "All" Auctions: This is where you will find the Auctions that other pirates are bidding on as well as your own bids.


    Getting to know the Auction House:

    A) Here you will find the name of the item that is being bid on.

    B) Here is where you will find the remaining time left on the item.

    C) Here you will find the name of the current bid holder.

    D) This tells you how much gold the item is going for. When the Auction ends this will show you the final cost of the item.
    Note: If you win the bid you will have to pay the said amount of the item before you can equip it to your ship.
    Note: You need to have the gold, equal to the bid, on hand in order to bid on an item.

    E) Bidding: The cost of bidding is 3000 gold per bid, which is taken from your gold reserve to make the bid.
  2. My Bids

    This where you can view the items you are currently bidding on. Here you can also keep a close eye on all your bids without seeing the items you don't want to bid on.


    Warning: you must have the amount of gold equal to the amount of the cost of item in order to bid on an item.
  3. "Only" Auctions

    Here you can view all that the Auction House has to offer.


    Note: Some bids may end early depending on the demand for that item.
    Warning: You must have the gold equal to the cost of item amount in order to bid on the item.
  4. Temporary Storage

    Here you will find the bids YOU WON!!! Now all you have to do is get the gold to make the purchase or if you already have the gold then you can purchase the item immediately.


    A) Here you will find the item name and the remaining time left before the item is removed from temporary storage.

    B) Here you will find the final price for the item. Your bids only give you the right to have the opportunity to buy the item. You will have to pay the amount shown before the item is transferred to your ship.

    C) Here is where you claim your item after all the gold has been obtained to make the purchase. Once the purchase is made the item will be transferred into your inventory.
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