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  1. How to enter the arena

    Log in to your account and go onto the water.
    Look to the left of your screen you should find a tab with 7 options
    Find the circle with the skull with two swords going threw it like shown below:


    Click on that Icon and it will bring you to a page that looks exactly like this:


    1.Found” you click on this button to make a team for 1v1 to fight in the arena, once you click on that button this page will show up on your screen:


    Once here you create a name for your team and press “Found

    2. You can click on this button and it will bring you straight to the merchant which is this page:


    3. This button here when you click on it you will see the kind of rewards that you can get if you compete in the arena. In the Arena there is a points system in the arena and once you get to a certain number of points you unlock the item you can buy from the arena. To get these points you fight in the arena and at the end of the week you receive a certain amount of points depending on how much you fought in the arena. The page looks like this:


    4. This is a page where you can view how well you are doing or your fellow rival pirates are doing and the page looks like this:


    If you notice where it shows week you can click on the arrow pointing down and it will let you see “Week,” “Season” and All-Time.
    You can also check your teams

    5. This Tab show how well your teams doing. You can look at a more detailed record of your team like the picture below shows:


    This page shows your weekly stats, Season stats and overall stats in a more depth showing as like your win/Loss ratio as example in this picture its 3.72.

    6. After you make your team you will get a page that looks like this:


    When you are ready to go into the arena push the “Ready” button and wait and you should see this image pop up on the right side of your screen you can either accept or decline the duel it looks like this:


    7. The picture below shows how long the season will last before it is over:


    Once you get into the arena the start-up will look like shown below:


    A. Yourself
    B. Timer before match starts
    C. The teams you are versing
    D. Your enemy

    After the battle and someone wins this will show up on your screen:


    E. Help for sinking opponent (2v2)
    F. Opponents sunk
    G. Deaths
    H. Damage Dealt
    I. Damage Suffered
    J. Average Damage
  2. Arena 2.0 FAQ

    How long does a season last?
    A season lasts 3 months. At the start of each season, all the arena points and arena ranking points are reset, but the teams remain the same. The next season starts on April 26th, 2012 at noon and ends on July 29th, 2012 at 11:59 p.m.

    How can I join a team?
    You cannot join 1 vs. 1 teams, as each of these teams consists of exactly 1 player. You can find 2 vs. 2 teams for battlemaster mode that you can join under team search. Joining a team is free.

    How can I found my own team?
    You can found your own team on the main battlemaster page. Founding your own 1 vs. 1 team costs 1 Gold. 2 vs. 2 teams cost 50,000 Gold. 3 vs 3 costs 100,000 Gold

    May I join more than one team?
    You may be in a maximum of 2 teams, one 1 vs. 1 team and one 2 vs. 2 team.

    What is the maximum number of players allowed in one team?
    1 vs. 1 teams may have a maximum of one player (the team founder). 2 vs. 2 teams may have a maximum of 3 players. The founder has the option of purchasing an additional player slot for a third player for 3000 diamonds. To start a 2 vs. 2 match, each team must have two players ready to play.

    What are arena points and how are they calculated?
    Arena points are calculated from your team’s win/loss ratio. The more points your team has, the more rewards you will receive, e.g. hellfire rockets, iron ration, inhuman shriek, continental breaker, etc. To qualify for points, your team has to play at least 10 times in the arena. Even if you fail to win a single battle, you will still receive 10 arena points.

    How often are arena points updated?
    Once a week, early Monday morning at 12:05 a.m.

    What are arena ranking points and how are they calculated?
    Arena ranking points are used to calculate your team’s overall strength. Each team starts with 1500 arena ranking points. Your team then adds points for victories and loses points when defeated. The amount of points you win or lose depends directly on the number of arena ranking points the opposing team has. If you defeat a team with more arena ranking points than yours, then you will receive more arena ranking points than you would for defeating a weaker team. The arena ranking points your team receives are deducted from the opposing team’s point total. At the end of the season, members of the winning team have the option of acquiring extra special ships.

    What happens when I leave a team?
    The team retains the arena ranking points, even if you leave a 1 vs. 1 team. The team will not be deleted, will stay in the rankings and the arena points remain intact.

    Can I start a new arena match, if I am already in one?
    By entering a match, while in another, you leave the current match for the new one. If you are the last team member in the match when you leave, then your team loses the match.

    How long do I have to purchase the unlocked items?
    When a new season starts, all the points are reset and all items relocked. So, as long as the new season has not yet started, you can still purchase unlocked items.

    What is observer mode?
    If you are sunk during a match, you have the chance to switch to observer mode. This allows you to follow the progress of a team member. While in observer mode, you will not be allowed to interact with the game.

    Do arena points count towards the PvP ranking?
    For every player sunk, you will receive PvP points. For each match won, you will receive ranking points.

    My team won a match, but the ranking points have not changed.
    This occurs if the discrepancy between teams’ ranking points is too great.

    How long do players have to purchase the ship?
    Until the start of the new season (11:59:59 pm).

    Will there be new 2 vs. 2 team rankings?

    What happens if a player leaves a 2 vs. 2 match after the match has begun?
    That player will be deemed as sunk, but the match will continue. This could lead to a 2 vs. 2 match becoming a 1 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 1 match.
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