Suggestion Arena Rewards x2 and x3

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by vinmontei, Oct 31, 2023.

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Idea 1 or Idea 2

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  1. vinmontei

    vinmontei User

    The other issue concerns items that are impossible to obtain in the game
    nowadays, like the x3 arena deck, which is suitable for the
    strongest boat in the game, the "Destroyer of Worlds". You know it's just
    It is possible to obtain these items through a push in the arena and this results in a
    ban!!! So I would like to know if you still think about doing something to get
    these items that are very important for the game. For example, deleting the x2 rewards and x3 rewards that are no longer played nowadays and putting all the rewards in
    the x1 arena is completely "balanced" and everyone will have the opportunity to get items throughout the game, so this would just be an idea for a correction so that the remaining players in the game can make the most of it and not be discouraged from playing again. Or another option would be
    reduce the score needed to release items at x2 and x3 by at least 60%! That would be something "easier" to fix! Thanks.
  2. PenaBranca

    PenaBranca User

    It would be nice if there was some kind of update, the game is kind of abandoned, and there are a lot of players wanting to come back.
  3. noixfroix

    noixfroix User

    I really liked the idea, whichever of the two was approved for me would be perfect.
  4. Matheustmj

    Matheustmj User

    I agree:p:p:p