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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Death_and_Taxes, Jan 30, 2015.

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  1. In favor of having the lower level players getting involved and with a chance to boost up their own winning stratagey
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  2. Death and Taxes makes a great point and has apparently thought this out very well. Big Point, I vote for his idea. Please begin working on this A.S.A.P. as this will work to solving several Arena complaints and breathe new life into the game for both new players and old players alike.... except for Big Bell of course. He will just Troll any idea that he did not come up with himself ;)
  3. lamoia100

    lamoia100 User

    Agreed though that 3 level 50 player match you mentioned Hit at a average of 10K damage per round and fire rockets use lunar pros and also blood donors 2000's that way makes it feel like a real fight wouldn't you say, the points for the arena are awarded but actual arena point rank nill.
  4. JAWS1974

    JAWS1974 User

    my suggestion is this:to reduce the amount of required points in order to get rewards ( tween deck is almost imposible to get ) u need to win 160 matches but we usually have 4-5 teams per season( u guys do the math ). thedows must be shared for not dows holders. that will help other mates to get em, 2nd place in season. example. if u win the season and have dow, that dow will pass to the 2nd place in season that dont have dow. meaning if u have a dow u wont need another. that will give the opportunity to get dow ffor not dow holders. idk why u will need a 2nd dow? does it make sense?. i agreed with D%T . that will make teams not attempt to push in order to get required points to get rewards...
  5. Here is an idea. How about making the arena teams equal. Like for example, have a level 50 player , a level 40 to 49 player and a smaller player on each team. That way teams would be somewhat even. No one plays arena because you can't beat the teams in arena when they are 3 of the strongest players in the game.

    A level 50 , level 40 to 49, and some below level 40 on each team should be the requirements. At least make it a little more fair
  6. brutality

    brutality User

    unfortunately , there would No matches then,
    the simple fix is this, every1 ready up
    yall would get more smaller players and therefore better match ups, but since only bigger players are playing that is all the matches your getting
    every1 just need to ready up
    Oh and Bp needs to stop the dam pushing!!! send in hundreds of screenshots, and same thing every time, we forwarded it to the Dev's. but yet Dev's wont do there job, then Fire them and get someone who will do their jobs, cuz right now there is atleast 8 players that should be banned for pushing and BP refuses to do their Jobs!! and they wont listen and they Wont pass it onto someone who will listen and do their JOB!!!, and wedgewood i hope u wont delete this as i didnt call out anyone except BP
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  7. I am afraid you're beating a dead horse brutality. Nothing will ever change because they wish it not to change, many people will spend $$ to try and win arena while the select few will push their way to victory every season. The real players will not stand a chance because they can not do the same thing as the cheat in fear of all the time an money they have invested in this dead game. Do yourself a favor and get you guild mates to quit wasting money over here and have them shell out thirty bucks on a real game and come join us like you did. :cool:
  8. guys guys every idea you have is very good but it never gonna be happend NEVER
  9. in my opinion the best fix that would be good for every one is to make it so that the players are match with other players at close to there lvl meaning players will have more of a chance of winning, that is why i don,t play the arenas any more is because it keeps pitting me up agents some like 10-30 lvls higher then me and the only why for me to win is if they let me and that is no fun.i think that would be essayer to add the npc pls consider this thanx pardon my spelling
  10. brutality

    brutality User

    if they it that way then everyone would get less matches, not enough players in each lvl to make that happen. unfortunately
  11. Perhaps they could always have 2 BGs going at the same time; one instance offers no coins, just a medal for the biggest shark. the second would offer coins, like they do now. This way, people who need coins wouldn't have to line up against the gearscored team farming medals
  12. There are a couple problems with this... How would the game know which players to put in which BG? Would the player sign up for which BG they would like to enter? If so, this isn't all that much of a solution. A lot of players play the BG not only for a medal, but to chain and dominate players. I am almost positive that even with this in place (Not like BP would add it anyway, they don't give a single ****) there would still be wallet warriors destroying the fun of the BG.

    ANIKHTE User

    well you know
    the more points you have in the arena the stronger team you get to face
    and in the end you can face a team that shoots 20k and have 80k life
    that will guarantee that you are going to loose.

    so you can make sure that there will be a max points in arena you can get from killing a npc team
    when you start arena at 1500 points all phase npc team
    until you get 1550 or 1600 points then you will be able to face humans any time you go below that you will only face npc.

    to make sure that there is no fake teams blocking arena
    the npc team for the 1500-1600 range can be 30k life and shoot 3k

    after that there can be stronger teams above 1600
    and smaller teams under 1500

    so new player especially the weak weak will loose loose and in the end they will fight with an easy npc team for items
    to make it more interesting people under 1400 points can phase humans teams under 1400 points only
    so even the weak weak player they can have a chance to paly against humans to practice

    so 1. range 1600 and above human can phase only humans with 1600 or more
    2. range 1400- 1600 you can only phase npc
    3. range 1400 and below humans can phace humans tremas with 1400 or less

    combined with 1 insane impossible to win team in high end
    that means noone will win arena by playing all day npc teams
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  14. Arena is fun. I think a lot more people would play it more if they thought they had a chance to get most of the items, especially the one that costs one diamond, but the same people get the one diamond item over and over. and getting the tween deck is all most imposable.
  15. saeed1202

    saeed1202 User

    very nice if bigp:cool:int listen to this idea and run it:confused:{[(if)]}
  16. don't mess with Arena.
  17. The arena rules say you have to be at least a level 10 to enter---and as a level 10 I never was set up against anyone less than a level 45. Playing against npc's or npc teams would be far preferable than getting clobbered over and over again and never finishing the quests.

    And of course his thread was started a year ago and

    ANIKHTE User

    well i know people level 2 with gladiator
    so the rule is not a rule lol
    and a cheater with pushing got destroyer in level 1 account just to saw to all he can do it
  19. that gives you incentive to get stronger.
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