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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Death_and_Taxes, Jan 30, 2015.

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  1. We all know that readying up for arena matches these days is a waste of time. 1 vs 1 you struggle to get 10 matches in a day. 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 would be better named 0 vs 0 unless you can convince other guild teams to actually ready up. No need to mention the other option that everyone hates so much.

    So, here is my idea for a solution - NPC arena teams. Let's say you ready up your 3 v 3 team and no one else is playing. You get an NPC team that is based off the average strength of your teams. So, 3 level 50 players will get a match against an equal strength NPC team. A win will only give a minimal number of points but you will still get a win.

    This allows several things to happen:

    One, players will now be able to unlock the items that they are presently struggling to unlock without having to push/cheat.

    Two, if a team is ambitious enough to want to play arena all day they can amass points (although at a small rate) towards the season win.

    Three, if you want to beat the guy who is running all day, you can ready up your team and play them. This, of course, means people will actually play the arena again.

    Four, we can forever banish the "arena roll."

    One addition to the mechanics of this idea that I thought of this morning: Any team without a certain amount of positive points (let's say 10 NPC victories at 5 points each) can not face a player controlled team. They HAVE to face NPCs only until they get to at least 1550 points. That would effectively put an end to teams "blocking" the arena with a bunch of new accounts to preserve a season victory. If they ready a team then back out they lose too many points to continue blocking. To further this thought - a loss due to not fighting should result in a 20 point reduction in points.

    Thoughts? Please vote and hopefully we can get some much needed attention to this issue.
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  2. Great Idea, surprised nobody thought of this earlier, but definitely a great solution, especially for us folks who play mainly in the wee hours of the evening. 2 years playing and still no glad or even plates for this pirate. Love this idea!
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  3. Kalyps0

    Kalyps0 User

    Good idea, would make the game feel more active and we could finally get arena items...!
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  4. This is a fantastic Idea, and would benefit all player levels, it is hard for some lower levels to gain enough points to open certain rewards from the arena, if there was an npc arena that would graduate according to level [i.e. level 1-20 would have a level 30 npc to fight, levels 21-40 would have a level 70 npc to fight, and level 50's would have a level 100+ to fight], then some of the smaller players would obtain points to buy items, usually not available to them and make it easier for those new players, and not feel like quitting the game as it is hard for them. Bigpoint get it happening, and stop this arena tragedy
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  5. Death & Taxes is a great player and has a great mind, I support him totally, go to it Bigpoint :)
  6. brutality

    brutality User

    the only isue with this is the genrated NPC would not be able to amtch up and conjour the buffs we can and it would not be much of a match, thus again giving someone an unfair advandage in arena , sit and play arena hrs on end accumilate tons of easy win points, not sure if it would work though. Although i Really do like idea, i dont think BP would do this, we have asked for alot easier things an yet to have anything fixed
    Her is my thought, leave out BP all together , if they havent fixed it by now then we have only 1 choice, do it ourselves!!! so this is only way i know how to do it .....
    Here is my view on it, WE can keep this going ourselves as players, Everyone aggree to stop with the Dirty (edit) and play straight up and then more wil play simple as that, i know many who would play ,but they dont want to have their account banned for simply tyring to keep another team in range while they themselves have to (edit) just to keep up with the 1st in line who i pushing, Us the players stop this and Play!!
    They will play if its straight up!!! we all know it, we just need to make it happen and its easier than waiting for BP to do something which we been waiting years for, so wha yall think about this????
    But i o like idea DT, but i think we have better chance trying this also , then if they introduce somehting then grea but for now we can PLAY!!!!
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  7. Problem is ET even if we get enough to play, there currently just aren't enough people playing the game to make your idea feasible. With D&T's idea we are assured of a match and maybe just not have the points count towards season award, they only work for daily quest and unlocking of items. It would be great is everybody dropped the bs and just played but even so there still won't be enough matches to go around at this point. It would still be an improvement on the current situation we find ourselves in now.
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  8. The point of having them count towards the season win is to keep people actually playing. That's why it would need to be a very small # of points - like 3-5 or even less. Let them sit there and run them all day. That means they'd need to be fully buffed up and ready to face your team if you decide to take them down. They could lose 90 points or more by losing to a team below them.

    The most important thing is that the small players can actually open up those locked items. How cool would it be for the new players to actually have a chance to unlock their glads and tween decks in one season. The server would be stronger and the appeal to get new players would be much better. New players wouldn't have to face the daunting task of facing all of these tough players for a year knowing they couldn't compete.

    I honestly wish we could sit together and all agree to stop the rampant misuse of the system as it exists now. But, we all know that there will be those that will cheat a system whenever they can. It's in some people's DNA and they can't help it. I think what I'm proposing would eliminate the issues we are seeing now. Will it stop people from having guild mates running the same boats in arena all day long and sharing accounts? No - but, they do that already. That's another issue for a another day. Right now we need to get arenas working - for the new players that can't grow and for the old players that like to replenish props, etc.
  9. I agree with D&T. This allows players to unlock those elusive arena items. I am one of those 2 year plus players that doesn't have a Gladiator because I rarely play arena 1v1, even less 2v2 and never bothered with 3v3 as its pointless atm.
  10. One addition to the mechanics of this idea that I thought of this morning: Any team without a certain amount of positive points (let's say 10 NPC victories at 5 points each) can not face a player controlled team. They HAVE to face NPCs only until they get to at least 1550 points. That would effectively put an end to teams "blocking" the arena with a bunch of new accounts to preserve a season victory. If they ready a team then back out they lose too many points to continue blocking. To further this thought - a loss due to not fighting should result in a 20 point reduction in points.

    I'll edit my original post to add this thought.
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  11. brutality

    brutality User

    I honestly do like the idea DT, but getting BP to do something is as hard as trying to salvage what we have, and i would be down for it, my only thing is we the Players who are playing need to try to come up with something in mean time, to try to take it to next step
    I am offering up my TS, for any who want to talk things over, I will make myself available Anytime to discuss this, we all care about it we can come up with something, but we need to sit down and talk t come up with ideas
    Also I like the using little npc teams to kinda tie up pushing teams
    But here is something else that as leaders and council can and should do,We set the standards!!! if any in our house's abuses the System, we patrol oursleves and each other, if any cheat,push , abuse the arena's and any special ideas that ( we call it the Committee ) comes up with, any who go against are kicked from guilds, I would go for it and I would UpHold it also. then it is would be simple you want to stay where your at this is how we going to do it, and put peer-presher on any who abuse it like we all did with some of things S-D used to do, we ALL spoke up against it. This would and should stop the pushing, and many would play, cuz then anyone has chance and you wouldnt have to be stupid and take chances and chance to get banned just for trying to keep in Range of those ahead of pack who are pushing,
    This will work in mean time and in case BP wont or cant or doesnt want to do anything, and if they are not going to THEN WE OURSELVES NEED to have backup plan!!!
    Any who is willing to sit down out of Any of the Active Guilds and their Leaders or council, Put in "YES" you will sit down and talk about this, or "NO" we will Not be part of this
    I would think that the number would surprise alot of people.
    So I am offering up HOG TS to Open discussion on the Arena's and Any who will take part please let me know by answering here.... and then we will set a time and have a rational, conversations with Ideas and then agree to them as the Leaders and or Council...
    The offer is out there and now lets see who will step UP and take part in it an then who will go through with it???
    I wil be 1st as I am offering the idea and the TS , or we can go to another , but it should be Guild Leaders and or 1 or 2 form each houses Council, which ever that Guild Leaders sends.....
  12. ET, not to sound like a jack wagon here - but, what you are doing is the epitome of a thread hijack. This thread is specifically about getting Big Point to see and possibly address the arena issue as I've stated it. Please ask all your guild members to read this and vote yes or no. The only way to get traction here is to show BP that we WANT them to change it.
  13. brutality

    brutality User

    Not trying to knock it or get of subject, and I definately up for trying to let them know that soem things needs to be changed or fixed however you want to say it, but i was just trying to come up with other ideas, Ill back out on it, I agreed
  14. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    Frankly, this idea is the only way anyone will unlock anything on this server. Other than violating tos, and in my honest opinion I do not care one way or the other I need stuff from arena so whether BP fixes it or not is of no matter to me I will get it one way or another. Ban me if you like but if you're server is only trafficking a average of 200 real players a day it is well past due for a merger. Too think our server is the only one that pushes is insane I see lvl1 glads on Euro servers so how you suppose they got them? I will get what I need by whatever means necessary we pay BP for a game and if they won't allow us to use arena in modest amounts then in my eyes they are not holding up their end of tos...
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  15. I like the idea, you can run all day getting minimal points (better than getting rolled) while still being able to get real matches. Arena is dead plain and simple and it's a shame. Shake it up with an idea like this and I think everyone will be focused again on arena's. Make the npc's tough, heck put 5 of them in there against you if you have to and give them flashes. Honestly it doesn't matter, arena's need to be alive again if they want this game to last. In my opinon it's the funnest part of the game.
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  16. brutality

    brutality User

    I have a way , and want to talk with Game Changer, MAX, Emmcanuck, please get with me in game in next day or ss son as we can, but think i have a way, just need to get everyone together
  17. this is just (edit) from the us1 server Kissing there bosses Azz Just stop being scared of coming in arena's and fighting real Players :-D (edit) cant fight real matches that is why they want NPC's so they can WIN LMAO you (edit) make me laught
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  18. Wow Big Bell that is just wrong, we all want this game to last and keep us playing happy and all you do is say bad stuff. I go into 1v1 and get beat up all the time by bigger players. Not complaiing, it is part of the game, just saying I would like to give it to lower players however I want my 10 matches and wins for diamonds as well. cannot give it to lower players due to there not being enough matches in general. We need more matches just to be able to play dailies.
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  19. Blackwater

    Blackwater User

    I think the idea has a real possibility, you have to reward teams that do not push and this may be it.
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