Arena Blocking and Forfeits

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Feb 10, 2014.

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Arena forfeits

Poll closed Mar 3, 2014.
  1. yes for penalizing someone that fofeits

  2. no leave it as it is

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Luke

    Luke User

    Bump, this thread will only die when the issue is fixed. So here lets have it again.

    Blocking, Bigpoint needs to either force players into a match that has started, or give the player the option to not go in, but it would be the same as if the player went into a match and lost. There is not much more to it.
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  2. Unless arena are completely re-worked, changing one section of the arenas would create more issues then solutions.

    You the players need to sit down and think what you are promoting here? changing only this section of the arena would promote "Pushing" as their would be no legal way for players to deter does whom are actually breaking the rules by pushing and boting during the night time when no one is around to stop them.

    Makes you wonder why this topic is being promoted by some yet a total solution is not welcomed by those same people.
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  3. Luke

    Luke User

    So you're saying you blocking( readying up and not going in) prevents someone from pushing?
    Here is a helpful tip on how to stop a pushing team, ever tried going into arena and actually killing the opposite team? Give that a try.

    What this thread is trying to support, is exactly to prevent pushing. Because when someone is pushing, and when they get a real match, and push team does not, they simply do not go in. If BP fixes this, the players who got the real match have to go in, or else it is a loss, so now they have to fight, like it is suppose to be.
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  4. I said what I said, nothing more nothing less. If you wish to interpret it that way Luke and accuse me of something, do it properly and summit a ticket. A forum thread is for the exchange of ideas and not accusations nor insults.

    You say passing this does not "promote pushing"?

    Imagine if this passes :

    - A team getting other teams to back out to get points for not even fighting. (What would be the purpose of arenas if this happens constantly?)

    - Knowing the periods of time in which arenas are not being used by players, Undefined teams set would have no one to stop them during these times, allowing them to push and abuse the system.

    My tip to Bigpoint is to fix the whole arena and redo it rather than having them patch it and throw the dirt under the rug with the hope that it will work and no one will notice.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
  5. Luke

    Luke User

    I did not accuse you of anything, a simple interpretation of what you defended in your statement. I support re-hauling arena, it is an issue on US server, as an issue on all servers. However, the idea of you not supporting fixing blocking issue is what confused me. As if you are not affected by a certain team readying up 10 hours a day in arena, and not going in a single time. That's what this thread is about, blocking, for the people that block ensure their winnings on a season by depriving everyone else of competing, or gaining points, either for items or quests. Pushing is a whole different issue, but that was never fixed. So let's take it one step at a time. Also, your argument as for some pushing at odd hours of the night, that shouldn't be an excuse for others to block the whole arena. Everyone should have the ability to go in and kill a certain team, but it cannot be done if they're pushing, because they will not go in on their main team, unless push team gets a match. Which turns into blocking.

    What can be fixed is players blocking. You're asking what arena would be without blocking? It would be fair, because if a player avoids a conflict in arena by blocking, it is worse than pushing, it is taking the right away from the player to play arena. If you do not wish to go into arena, Do not queue up in the first place. Not going into a match, should be punishable, because by not going into a match the player not going in it is a forfeit, and should be taken as a loss. Also, the player not going in their matches, are wasting time of their would-be opponents.

    Without blocking, every match would be unexpected, and no one would be able to avoid competition. Players who do not go into arena are most likely players who do not wish to fight, unless aware of their current opponent. Of course, sometimes forgetting to go into a match happens. but it is more likely a way to avoid competition. When a certain player(s) is pushing, and they get an unexpected real match, they wont be able to avoid it by not going in, that is fair.

    P.S, those who support this thread please post regularly, everyone voice is heard, and we can and will make a difference. One, step, at a time.
  6. I'm tired of getting blocked in arena it makes the game less amusing. i cant unlock the arena things i need because so many people are blocking. please fix this and make the game amusing
  7. I totally agree with this
  8. I absolutely support this as well.
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