Arena Blocking and Forfeits

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Feb 10, 2014.

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Arena forfeits

Poll closed Mar 3, 2014.
  1. yes for penalizing someone that fofeits

  2. no leave it as it is

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    Very simple fix to that barathrum20.... don't ready up for the next one until the one you are in is over ;).
  2. I'm with ya Evil on thses arena things...they are out of control :mad:
  3. Luke

    Luke User

    Making sure this thread is still alive. Blocking is a true issue, and needs to be fixed ASAP. Continue to post if you agree on this matter.
  4. [Roberts]

    [Roberts] User

    Then you have to deal with the consequences of promising to be in two places at once barathrum.
  5. J3$V!N

    J3$V!N User

    Yes, I think it right to make the people who forfeit arenas to lose points.
  6. phil1985

    phil1985 User

    nothing you can do about it
  7. Blocking is totally horrible. A lot of people are pushing with small teams and blocking others. Just lose with the small team and get on with it. Losing with any team should be a loss no matter how it is done.
  8. Luke

    Luke User

    This thread needs much more recognition. It's a serious issue, blocking prevents everyone from playing arena. Needs to be fixed ASAP. There is no argument about it, on US server its horrible. When you're closer to top rank you get a match and not get a fight for 13 hours at a time.
  9. -Wester-

    -Wester- User

    I agree. Blocking is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  10. [Roberts]

    [Roberts] User

    this is probably the single thing bp could do to make this game much better for everyone who plays it- time for a change
  11. oussamapro

    oussamapro User

  12. Revenge

    Revenge User

    Something needs to be done. ASAP. Lets not allow this thread to be buried with others, this issue shouldn't be buried.
  13. I totally agree!
    There's a rumor going around on US1 that a player (edit) in order to win a DoW in 1v1 arena. Rumor has it that one of the things he has/wants? to do is become an Arena Guardian. Basically, what he will do is help the guild that controls the 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, keep any "outsiders" from winning DoWs. Possibly in return for more DoWs for his guild in the future.

    This doesn't seem fair or very sportsman-like to me. Something needs to be done to stop this.

    There've been many ideas about this, but I think the best way to prevent this type of thing is to create a Champions League for players that have won either 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 seasons. It would be set up basically the same as the normal arena, but with different rewards (maybe Arena Hydro Crystals, a League of Champions Deck could be a reward for winning the season, and other unique rewards could be unlocked) and possibly some changes to the rules.

    Once you have won a regular arena season (1v1, 2v2, or 3v3), any team you are on will not gain, lose or cause any other team to lose or gain points in that specific (1v, 2v, 3v) arena.
    Season winners could be set at 2000 points by default (I do not know how coding/programing would play a factor in my ideas, so I put that in for it's sake. Assuming the season winners team will still need to have a points ranking).
    You will still be allowed to compete in the arenas that you have not won. Also you will permanently unlock the items in each arena that you have won.

    P.S. I rewrote this so many times, I may have forgotten a few details/ideas, so I might add them later as I remember them :D
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  14. brutality

    brutality User

    sounds like pretty good idea
    and yes there are a cple of so called guardians tha control block and so on. i will not go into who what when where or why, as most already know all of this, but it needs to stop
    the votes speak for themselves as with every other post and poll about the arenas!!! so BP please listen to us and fix this, the server spoke and its time BP listen ad try to accommodate and implement something to change this to make it better
  15. Krackan

    Krackan User

    I support this concept but I think realistically it might require a bigger redesign of the arena than most people realize to enact.

    If they immediately change a forfeit to a loss it will even further discourage the already discouraged population of USA1 from casually signing up, and arena is near empty as it is.

    I think the issue of blocking needs to be more directly addressed first so that people regain a lick of faith in the arena system before switching a forfeit to a loss will improve the situation.
  16. ~Banshee~

    ~Banshee~ User

    I also think that if you go in arena and jump out at the last second, your team should have a arena ban from 30 mins to an hour. I think that would also discourage them from doing so. Not only that, The team that don't forfeit should get their points all way round.
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  17. brutality

    brutality User

    i kinda like that idea banshee
  18. Hodini

    Hodini User

    I personaly agree whit your opinion and I think is a good idea to make something like that. :)

  19. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    Arena blocking and guardians make the whole arena concept bogus. I don't participate in the arena because it's not a true arena and the outcome is manipulated. The "winners" are actually decided and protected and don't really win anything, they steal a DOW from the community. BP could fix this very simply by putting constraints in place that prevent such collusion by either deducting points and/or locking access to the arena in the event, but it's obvious they don't care because everyone knows it is being done and even knows who is doing it and so does BP!

    Banshee, i like your concept of locking the arena access, but o really be of value, you would have to be pretty draconian and make the lock out for 24 hours to make it worthwhile. thecfor sure no one would bother.
  20. guildfarm

    guildfarm User

    When you click the button for arena then no reason why the other does not enter it should count as a loss for them and a win for you. You get the points and they loose points. Thats the only way to stop the blocking. Cause the blocking prevents you to play an arena to win points if you are winning the points if they forfeit then they will stop and they will actually have to play the arena.
    Also sobek I II and III chest must change quest to win a season in arena what ever you like.
    If you have the DOW all arena items should be unlocked for you and BG must make an arena only for DOWS with some items like been able to buy copper with diamonds...
    DOW should not be allowed to play arena with regular players.
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