Arena Blocking and Forfeits

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Feb 10, 2014.

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Arena forfeits

Poll closed Mar 3, 2014.
  1. yes for penalizing someone that fofeits

  2. no leave it as it is

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. brutality

    brutality User

    Im thinking that if u ready up for any arena ,that if you do Not go in, and if you forfeit that forfeit should count as a loss and you lose those points, To many times , that we go into an arena and then get kicked out because of a forfeit, and at end of season players are using this to basically block others form gettting points so they can stay at their current points. This is same as using a glitch over and over for personal gain!! This should not be allowed!!!, So make it if you ready up(which you have to click 2 different things in order to ready up) you either go in or you lose points.!! If you are in a guild island attack or BF then you can un-ready which wil then give someone else chance to ready up. Either way this is becoming huge Huge issue!!!
  2. FUJIM0

    FUJIM0 User

    In any other competition in the world a forfeit counts as a loss, this should be no different.
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  3. Luke

    Luke User

    I support. If you ready for arena, you should be forced to go in, or if you don't go in it counts as a forfeit and points are lost as if there was a fight and the player lost.
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  4. a team that forfeits in the arena should loose the points not just let it slide with no penalty and they should find a way to stop the pushing in arena people think there the best but have to push to get there stuff very sad
  5. prod

    prod User

    I agree points should be lost to those who ready up and do not follow through with an arena match/challange.
  6. brutality

    brutality User

    yes kings, they should lose points (possibly even dble points lost, would fix it in a hurry) as a penealty
    thank you to all that are voting and commenting!!
  7. i agree with them all this is (edit) thay should lose the points
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  8. not only should u lose the points the other team should get there points
  9. [Roberts]

    [Roberts] User

    if you are pitted against a team by the server and that team doesn't show - the team that does show should get points as if they had won - team that doesn't show should have a loss on their record.
  10. therre is some ppl that dont like to be fair, so if they can block others from winning anything they do it
  11. Luke

    Luke User

    It would be fairest. When people don't go in or cancel, it counts exactly the same as losing the match. As in, the points they lost are given to the person there were suppose to fight.

    -Do not let this thread die, we need this issue fixed. Not going in matches to prevent the gain of someone else not only hurts the people who are going for the DOW's, but honest people who simply want points and arena quests.
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  12. brutality

    brutality User

    i agree luke
  13. U_HATE_ME

    U_HATE_ME User

    I agree
  14. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    I agree...

    on a similar note, the same thing should happen for the gold auction as well. No more winning something and then not buying it and having it lapse after 6 days. If you have the gold, you can bid just like the Smuggler's Bay. And when you win, you are forced to buy the item instead of waiting 6 days and no one gets it.
  15. luke i agree 100 percent
  16. -Scruff-

    -Scruff- User

    Total agreement. I know of people who bid on items at auction with the sole intent to run the price up and keep others from winning it or make it very costly and then never actually purchase the item. You should not be able to bid on an item you do not have the gold to pay for and the gold should come out of your account immediately when the auction is over.
  17. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    Couldn't agree with you more Luke. I am tired of trying to get matches and then continuously having the other team cancel with 2 seconds left. I say if you cancel or let the accept timer run out, you lose the points and the other team receives them. Trying to finally get my Glad and have gone into 28 matches and I have actually only faced 7 opponents. It is frustrating and needs to change.

    Gee, i wonder if the people voting to leave it as it is are the ones who are doing the blocking :)
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  18. Big Point could change the set up by not forcing the same match up over and over, or allowing players to advance to a new one.

    By reading up, you are accepting responsibility for the outcome.

    If the timer runs out, on purpose or on accident, or just plain hitting Decline, there should be a penalty. On the flip side, there should be a reward for the player who actually entered the match on all 3 levels: Arena points, Reward points, and it should count toward your 10 Birds With One Stone / Drop And Give Me 10.

    After a back out or No Show, you should be able to move on to another matchup.
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  19. Luke

    Luke User

    Arena matches are hard to come by as is on their own. Being blocked discourages players who just simply want to improve on the game. There should be a harsh punishment for not going in on purpose or accident, and if its on accident, don't ready up if you did not want a match.
    The best outcome for this would be, as most of you already agreed, any type of forfeit in arena counts as a loss and the points go to the team otherwise you would be matched with.(That is already how it works if you go into arena - and leave.) That is the only way to make this fair, to make it fair for everyone, to make sure we all have what we want.

    Simply said, Make all types of forfeit in arena count as a loss that reduces points!
  20. but if your match is not already finish then you click ready for the next match so it will force you to quit the match , you are going to accept it beause you know it will deduct your points but you dont know what is your enemy in that next match maybe DOW :D:D you will lose many points to that.
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