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  1. -.prada.-

    -.prada.- User

    Hello everybody,
    I have question about arena 3v3.
    I play in EU4 and for me is interesting, when will be players , who pushing fake teams up
    and give pts for destroyer team, when will be banned?
    this screen from EU4 and arena 3v3 , with red are teams, who pushing teams,
    on position 3 and 4 are main teams, who takes pts from fake teams.
    You can see on down side classification. are destroyer team from players, who pushing.

    You know, on this game stay not many players and many players leave game, bcs before
    using bugs and they destroyed this game.
    Is possible , these players will be control, because, we mean, 3 players login 3 accounts from 1 team and give pts for main team and after this give pts for deystroyer team.

    It´not normally, 4-6 players login 9-12 acconts.
    Please control and banned perma these players.
    We play arena fair play, not like pushing team for destroyer team.

    thank you
  2. raidmax

    raidmax User

    unfortunately this is a mass practice on all game servers without exception ...
  3. Tiger

    Tiger User

    You are correct.Those players must be perma banned.
  4. haunted415

    haunted415 User

    i think they should add a system to pass the dow down to the next team that hasnt won it before
  5. t-mauritoi

    t-mauritoi User


    Prada the guy who does the same but in 1vs1, all players BHI gives him the points in the arena and the "push" this is the same as in 3vs3.
    5-6 *EDIT* players give him points all days to "PUSH" and "SUPPORT" him.

    Giving the points is a ban of the game, *EDIT* take the points of the *EDIT* players for the "support" so stop complaining you do the same as 3vs3 and on all the servers this is like that .... we can nothing to do it. As long as no one blocks the arena and there are not thirty or so false teams, the support will not ban anyone.

    And please check the *EDIT* who "gives" points in 1vs1 to make the world's destroyer like for 3vs3 ..!
  6. -.prada.-

    -.prada.- User

    Hi annonym,
    you know, this is not the same, because, players *EDIT* play with account, they have and not anothers accounts, like "fake acc"
    Look on the teams 3v3 and look names this players who playing 3v3 arena.
    3-4 players login 12 acc, they can transport pts up.
  7. t-mauritoi

    t-mauritoi User

    I understand but the "push" is the same and is prohibited. The support will not do anything they only have 6-7 teams.
    For the 1vs1 give is forbidden you know?
    For the 3vs3 and 2vs2 it takes more than 30 false teams and to have the arena blocked to be banished ..
  8. -faculty-

    -faculty- User

    Hello my dear friend
    why do you complain when in 1vs1 you took 300 points taking only the points of the top 10. You make only that push and when the enemies play you are scared and you stop playing so stop complying while doing the same thing in 1vs1 2vs2 and 3vs3 You are a bad loser when you lose you do not assume the *EDIT*.
  9. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Personal accusations are not permitted in the forum. All the information concerning pushing needs sent to support.

    Best Regards!

    ~~ Thread Closed ~~
    ~~~Referred to Support~~~
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