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  1. Hi, I'm from Brazil, I'm using google translator, excuse me errors.

    I would like to address the issue here, about 1 ARABIA server, and would like to invite players here, because there are not many players.

    Nick Arabia 1 , Don Makiavel .
  2. ROARY

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    Hi †•→ҜƗŁŁ€Ř←•†

    The problem you have is that Arabia 1 server was designed for Arabia 1. And when players register is makes players automatically go to there language server, For example if your English you will get a Eu server or an american server registration.

    As many players are aware the game is sadly going to rest. With old players completing there game so they have nothing interesting left to do, and new players getting bored.

    Honestly in my opinion you should sit tight If big-point does not come up with a decent update soon the easiest solution would be to merge the servers into one big server. Hope that helps
  3. Troywa65

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    And come out as one language for each person

    Faces symbols stay same or typing random letter stay same or arrows stay same or something

    Us server also needs more
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