All server merges for when?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by lmaxb, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. DocDre

    DocDre User

    that makes no sense more people means more matches not more waiting
  2. Jdr7 more people means more matches like bg less people more waiting but if have more people then there should be no waiting.. and if u reach lvl 50 u will get to run every bg..
  3. jdr7

    jdr7 User

    not sure on BG but old days people be waiting get in arena .
  4. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    lol lvl 7 is nothing i have seen lvl 2 glad on eu4 xD
  5. merging server is absolutely needed, almost all server is dying and bp don't do anything ,how this game will have fun if you are sailing almost in all maps with just yourself,you are chating to global chat with yourself,waiting for opponents in arena(even in 1v1) if there is just one server all players will begin to have funagain and there is a possible that the players who left the game back and invite new ones..and attract new players..
  6. ^until people realise that more players on one server means more farmers = less new players and the single server dies faster then the multiple servers.
  7. DocDre

    DocDre User

    we are past the point of new players they dont stay because game is broken we want merge for more poeple before this server dies USA server is about dead same poeple in bf in arena same 15 lol
  8. high levels should of realised the consequences of farming newer players long ago ........ rather then continuing to do so ......

    Now you expect the company to spend any money on a game that has crashed and burned due to greedy farmers?

    Actions have consequences now all the greedy "leet" players are 99% of the people on every server everyone else left.
  9. being killed by other players is part of the game that's why they called it ''pirate storm'' and pirate are sailing to the sea and find adventure, fighting and defending itself, if you just want people to farm give them an advice to play farm village or other kiddie games.. the reason why they are leaving is just because there are just few people play the game and in that case they still divide it in many server..
  10. tell to bp if they want to get more money to their best!
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