All server merges for when?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by lmaxb, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. lmaxb

    lmaxb User

    As like you know Arena Matches been rare here on USA1 Server, same battleround, Would like to know if you thinking to merge server or you will never do it? For my part it's the best option.

  2. CPTCrooked

    CPTCrooked User

    I agree that a merge of all the servers is absolutely needed to keep the US servers alive. Plus, it would lead to increased profits as things in the blood moon auctions would go for far more diamonds, Also, the added competition would make people more inclined to buy items that better themselves so they have a better chance in fighting. As it is people on the US server and other small servers are just leaving because the server is more or less dead. Just look at the number of people who have played battleground, the US1 has just over 500 people in the battleground rankings where the EU1 server has ~3700 people.

    We can't even get matches in 1v1s on the US server, much less 2v2s or 3v3s and the only way to solve this problem is to combine all the servers to create a fun, competitive gaming environment.
  3. Please Merge these Servers.
  4. And how are the established servers gonna like a bunch of built DOWs showing up on their server? They had to work hard for theirs, and the US1 ones maxed out in the kiddie pool? If it's that important to you, just leave US1 behind and start from scratch on a thriving server
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  5. I couldn't agree more, these servers absolutely MUST be merged together if this game is to have any chance at surviving past next year.
  6. Dont know what you guys are talking about really - yes there are problems - but they apply more to the time you play and the times others play.
  7. lmaxb

    lmaxb User

    The USA 1 Server will not survive next year or so. They need to do something at least Arena and Battleground like Dre said...
  8. if other server so much better move there,we do not need a merge
  9. lmaxb

    lmaxb User

    Don't be afraid about Europe players and stuff, we didn't get 200 active reals players on USA, How should we unlock propellants and tween decks?... Give me a solution
  10. people have complained for 3 years about arena ,or longer ,but i know 3 years .Some how they manage
  11. lmaxb

    lmaxb User

    I will complain because ARENA and BATTLEGROUND make this game nice, other way it's less boring, I just want to play arenas with more peeps and battleground!
  12. DocDre

    DocDre User

    atleast let us have the option to move to a different server even at a price
  13. lmaxb

    lmaxb User

    Whatever the price is, I will change server without hesitation...that just want we want BP comon ^_^
  14. This needs to happen for bp's sake but of course no response from them.
  15. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    The push boats make the server look like it is populated therefore BP can sell advertising $$ stop making push/rum boats and make the server look what it really is... DEAD otherwise nothing will happen and stop spending $$ on this game until they do something.
  16. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    I have played for some time Seafight and i heard that server are merged. Pirate Storm is also a game of Bigpoint,they need to make merge so players wont be anymore bored. I hope that will happen one day...
  17. slammer

    slammer User

    there is nothing stopping you from changing to another server. Aha you want to bring your DOW with you and high level that you got on a easy server and bring it to eu1.
    imho changing servers should be allowed like this . you receive the amount of dias equal to what you have actually spent with real money on your old server. nothing else
    Then it would be ok.
  18. That's all I ask...that would be awesome! Keep your level and all the diamonds/medals you have bought. Other than that you should just start with a level 1 sloop.
  19. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    You EU players really make me lol think you are all super great because your on the EU server :eek:. You guys cheat and push for DOWS and Glads worse than any other servers. How many times have I seen a lvl 7 glad in zone 3 or 4 on the EU servers lol like Salt n Peppa says Um ah push it! Roll through a EU server in a higher zone and everyone is so scared to get their big ship sunk everyone is in tiny ships lmao. Try and troll that EU superiority somewhere else because I ain't buying it.
  20. jdr7

    jdr7 User

    If want to move then move merge will just put too many on then no matches cause too many waiting .
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