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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by CINGHIALOTTO, Mar 1, 2020.

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  1. Since there are a lot of players who like this game and would like to come back playing as in the old gold years, i propose something to everybody:
    They do not want to create a single server; so let's do it by ourselves. I'm ready to start again from scratch, since it is pretty easy to develop an account.
    What do you think about it? i was playing in europe 3. Tell me what is the most active server nowadays and let's go there! I' think that by doing this we should make one server like the old days with about 300 players active every day. And i am also sure that if i contact a lot of friends they would come back again.
    Let me know what do you think about it.
  2. Newbiee

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    A huge no from me. There are my points:
    1. No time to develop an account from scratch, I don't see the point of spending real money on that game at the moment.
    2. Currently the most populated server is EU1 and people that are playing there are really strong, starting from scratch requires a lot in order to be relevant with their level.
    3. Still, most of the people will play with Ahabs, arena's are fucked up, Invis bug isn't fixed yet.
    4. I am waiting for BigPoint to make a grand change to the game(Something, even small but a change that will shuffle the game)
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  3. Agree
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  4. Yeah i know these issues. However, playing all together starting from scartch It Is still better than playing alone with a good account, in my opinion. Maybe arenas and pvp are ruined but there's still space for Battlefield and guild Islands attacks and defenses. You can continue playing alone and wait for something that May never come or... You can try and see.
  5. The idea is good. For two three days from scratch I went up to level 21 and bought a frigate and got 50k diamonds. Just by playing.
  6. SmurfShip

    SmurfShip User

    The point isn't of whether you will get 50k diamonds or level 21. It's about leveling at all - letter 50 isn't working anymore and if you kill 2-3 time colossus on sand and ice map you get at least 1-2 levels.
    The struggle with seals, blue map, battlefields and sets - that's the real deal I don't have time to.
    Like I said - I don't see a point of buying diamonds with real money as the game and development team aren't giving me a reason for past 5 years. I am not even giving money for premium anymore.
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  7. There Is no Need to spend Money to enjoy what is left of this game. Again i say... My proposal is the only alternative to playing alone. I think It could be funnier to play with a lot of friends and enemies with a noob account than playing in 2-3 guys with a destroyer.
    This evening, as soon i come back home, i'll start an account on EU1 which it's the most active server. Let's Hope...
  8. Newbiee

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    It seems you don't get it :) There is a point in everyone's life that you have to get rid of things that are clearly wasting your time and focus on career, family and personal growth. In order to maximize these things, you have to set priorities.
    So, If I start from scratch and I have already set my priorities Pirate Storm is not in top 10, for sure! In order to enjoy the game I have to stay relevant and to do that I have to either spend 3-4 hours daily or to spend money ;)
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  9. i think that either in life and in game, you do not need to be successfull to enjoy it. i think that both in life and game you are good when you are not alone XD
  10. Hello and congratulations my friend! I had the exact same idea.

    But hear is the sad truth, the majority of people won't agree with you. Why ? Ha, let me tell you...I'll talk really open as far is on players corner and I don't want to talk with hints in other people that ALREADY know what I'm talking about. I play from 2013 taking only 2 brakes, the one is when they stole my first account and the second time was when the bug was released. In all those years I met a lot of people and I saw the game growing and evolving up. Now that the game is "dead" as some people say, the few people that are still playing divided into groups. The one group is trying to help/save the game because: these people lived in the great days or just loved it afterwards.
    The other group that have no faith and hope, either leaving or just playing till the game is no longer existing while waiting for a miracle to appear. And last but not least the other group of the "bad" people that like it better this way because they where either bad at the game or just new at it. What do I mean by that ? I say that these people that was never strong enough found some other ways now to "shine". What ways ? Ha, this is the fun part... Bugging, using bots, getting admin's help, stealing, selling/buying and a lot other ways. These people won't support your idea or whoever has an idea of reviving the game because then they won't be able to do all this stuff and then they will be bad players as they where before because they never learned how to play with a fair and manly way. If they'll get banned for what they did and the server be overpopulated again, then they won't be able to win any arenas again or do anything great again, they know it very well deep inside them. And the sad thing is that most of the players nowadays belong to the third group. Luckily I'm playing in EU1 (most active right now) but if I wasn't, believe me I would have come. I have no problem creating a new one even if I already have one, because I know how to climb fast, I learned to. Sadly most of the people think that in order to have fun in Pirate Storm you MUST be strong and win all day, that's really selfish and childish. What I found interesting, funny and enjoyable in this game was to create my own account and all my ships one by one with a fair way of farming and grinding. That's the real point of the game. Even tho that if all of the active players join one server it will be A LOT better as you said, but people can't really think about it, they think that if they come EU1 for example, they have to face the older/stronger players. They can't understand that joining one server will find ALL other new players to fight and play with (full content), also they'll have another chance to learn about the game and how to get stronger fairly which is the most interesting part of the game in my opinion. I tried a lot of things to do in order to help the game but every time the circumstances and these people where obstacles. I'm tired of people saying I don't have enough time to create a new account...Time for what ? Having fun is in your hands, if you want to have fun it's easy. There is no magic pill ! And if there is something I can do, I'm here! I will help whoever wants my help in any way I can. And if the only thing that prevents people to create a new account is that there are already strong players in the server, then I have no problem creating a completely new one starting together with you guys... I really loved and still love this game, I don't want to see it fall. Have a great day.

    A tired and storm tossed little pirate,

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  11. Hello to all pirates !

    Migrating the servers doesn't bring any profitability especially for Bigpoint and nor any security for the players, moreover the company was abused by the malice of certain players, it is for these reasons that they are not ready in my opinion to merge game servers.

    On the other hand, when i read your comment, i see it not as an idea, but it is an invitation for all your friends or all the people who would be interested to follow the same path as yours and who share your opinion in order to start from scratch all together on the same game server.

    That said, it only depends on the players, and personally, i encourage you to gather all the people ready to follow the same movement, taking especially the time to share good times without experiencing the need to spend money and at the same time share knowledge with newcomers.

    My comment brings nothing but encouragement because i share your opinions on the debate.

    For all this i wish you good luck !

    Best regards ;)
  12. Thank you guys. Yes i know these problems. i started playing in 2013, i was at the top. i knew a lot of players, honest and dishonest ones. And i am almost sure that the main cause for the game "dying" are players...
    However we can try. Maybe we can settle a date (for example 10 april) and see us in carados eu1 at 20:00 ahahhaha. What do you think about it?

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