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  1. Good morning, I don't even know why I'm still here to report something, because I already know the answer they're going to give and I already know they won't solve anything, but let's go.

    In the last of the ahab event, which took place on 03/17, I was first in the event, the issue is that the emblem did not enter my account, another issue is that this emblem is working normally, all the last ones that took the emblem automatically entered the account, so I questioned the support because it is a problem with my account, then they sent me here on the forum, so let's go, first thing, 3 days have passed and I don't have the emblem, this emblem is working normally, so why don't they do something at the same speed as banning the accounts? because that's the only thing that works

    resolve this immediately, because if in the next ahab event the winner takes and enters the emblem in his account, I will open a complaint for harassment, because I already had a suspicious situation with a moderator on the day of the lua event, now if it happens with the ahab event, it will be very clear.
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    World would be a very developed place if people had your type of problems.
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    Ahoy ☼��▶۞ÐДЯҝ-ŴǾ₤ƒ۞◀��☼,

    The icon/emblem issues are far and wide and have been going on for some time. The Forum Team has reported all issues.

    The Monster Hunt Emblem is still awarded. However, sometimes if a player has an existing icon, the system is not allowing duplicate icons. Perhaps you can do a comparison between players who have received an icon/emblem with your account which did not receive the emblem.

    The only icon that the Forum Team is aware of that still remain (on the right side of the ship) on accounts is the last PVP Season Winner Icon. All other icons are gone. The Monster Hunt Emblem is still awarded and occassionally some of the Arena Winner Icons appear. However, multiple icons/emblems are not being allowed by the system.

    Perhaps you need to read the General Terms and Conditions (10 Claims for defects). Issues with missing icons/emlems is not harassment.

    Happy Sailing!
  4. Alright, so why don't they just close this game? if simple things like that can't be solved, they just keep talking and talking, bringing T&C all the time, to try to substantiate mistakes and still want to be right, what I see is a total disregard, lack of respect for the few players that still have
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