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    Hello Pirates,

    This is AFO's Personal page for our members and for our potentuall members to check relative information about our guild and our intentions.

    Firstly here are some frequently asked questions,
    What requirements do i need to be a member of AFO?
    1. Strictly English speaking only whilst in AFO guild chat. Although we are a multi culture guild we are English founded and you must respect our culture when joining. Basic english will be considered.​
    2. You must respect the leaders of the guild and your fellow members at all times. Any abuse towards the leaders or your team mates will result in you being kicked from the guild for 1 week. Further abuse will result in being blacklisted from the guild.​
    3. Level and strength is not a must in AFO. We are not on a mission to be the strongest guild in the game, we are on a mission to create a lively happy atmosphere in AFO. We would much prefer a level 5 commited helpful Sloop than a level 50 selfish Destroyer, Team work is what we are and always will be about.​
    Aslong as you can stick to those 3 rules then you will do just fine in AFO.

    Who is your alliance?
    1. We dont have a alliance. We want to remain neutral, This way we can do what we want when we want. If you want to sink that player, Provided they are not in AFO you are more than welcome to go and sink them provided you are not sinking them over and over.​
    Can i get some help to win the Gladiator in the 2 VS 2 team?
    1. We will monitor your performance in AFO for 2 weeks, When we can see that your ship is starting to become stronger we can work together to collect the points needed for the gladiator.​
    2. With seasons repeating every 3 months if we are already helping a member you will be added to a waiting list and it will be done in turn. This is a fair way to deside who is next for the Gladiator.​
    My friend in the guild is ranked, How do i get some rank?
    1. Here is our current ranking system
    (Check message board in guild)(Check message board in guild)(Check message board in guild)
    Once you reach the amount of Guild XP in the table you will be granted the next rank within 24 hours. The Guild xp table will slightly increase every month so that we dont eventually have a guild full of boatswains. Inactive users will the loose there ranks, This way we can filter out the inactive players.

    Do we have Team Speak?
    1. Not at the moment. This will come later as we want to make sure we purchase a large enough server to host ourselves and possibly some friendly guilds who we like talking to.

    Current Level : 12
    Members : 46 / 60
    Status : Recruting


    # This forum post is to guide our new members so we are not always answering the same questions, It is also our recrutement page so players can see who we are and what we are about.
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    I am in this guild :)


    good luck!

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