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    • Your Action menu will be located on the Middle bottom of the screen
    • The first button is Attack and Cancel Attack
    • You can click on a NPC or Player then click the cross swords once to attack and then click again to cancel attacking
    • The next button is a pile of balls
    • This shows all different types of cannon balls
    • Stone Cannonballs, Iron Cannonballs, Steel Cannonballs, Also and special Event ammo
    • Then you have quick-buy
    • You can quick-buy for Cannonballs and Harpoons
    • You can Hover over any of the cannonballs or harpoons and a little box to the right appears
    • It will say 10,000 gold for 1,000 cannonballs/harpoons or 1,000 diamonds for 1,000 elite cannonballs/harpoons
    • The fourth tab is Harpoons
    • There are 3 different types of harpoons
    • Clawed Harpoons, Barbed Harpoons, and Harpoons
    • The fifth tab allows you to use consumables
    • You can click the button to use them
    • This shows a list of every consumable you can have
    • You can you a consumable by opening the list and clicking on a item, then going to the "Use Consumable" button and click it
    • The last button is repairs
    • You can do Gold repairs or Diamond repairs
    • Gold and diamond repairs use 1/100 of your hp in gold, so if you have 10,000 hp it will use 100 gold or diamond to repair 100 hp at a time.
    • With Diamonds you repair 3 times as fast
    • You have a toolbar on the bottom of the screen.
    • You can click and drag different items to this tool bar for a Quick-Use item to be able to change ammo or harpoons faster, or even repairs and consumables
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