2vs2 Arena fight: lack of opponents

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by HoutenPoot, Jul 6, 2016.

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  1. HoutenPoot

    HoutenPoot User

    When playing 2v2 Arena fights today (around 40 matches) we had no opponents.
    Could this be true or is there something wrong ?
  2. Amaranth

    Amaranth User

    Hello HoutenPoot,

    I'd like to answer your question but I need a bit more information:

    Which server were you playing on?
    Were you getting matches and the opponents cancelled?
    Were you getting the 'Arena is currently full' message (aka Rolled)?

    Let me know and I'll try to help ;)
  3. its true this game is dieing and the devs dont care if ur on any server but eu1 or 4 then arena is gonna be slow no one plays i heard those servers are dieing also.and for all u haters on usa server dont blame a guild when other guilds broke it long ago u haters and yes u know who u are lol
  4. Synalith

    Synalith User

    Need a server merge. just like SeaFight
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  5. that would be fun but lets be real do u think it will ever happen?
  6. Synalith

    Synalith User

    At the moment not at all. Support is ignoring everyone and the server keeps dying even more. Us1 might die out before they decide to merge at all.
  7. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    Yeah, it kinda sucks, i never had 40 matches in a row with no opponents but i can say that it happened to like 10 matches. As for merge, I totaly agree with it. We better have lagg because too many ships in a map rather than lagg and only you in map.
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  8. Merge the servers
  9. I read the announcements in March, I think it was--still waiting to see what happens now that BP is merged/bought by another company. Merging the servers is one idea, actually promoting the game to get new players is another and probably better idea. Can you imagine how many players we would have here if BP (or whomever) promoted this game like other companies the barnyard farming games (gag) Candy Crush Saga? The only problem with PS is that few people know about it which is a shame because it is a really good game.
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  10. u must have not been around this game at the start they had adds all over the place for this game thats how i found it.the problem is they just dont care about this game they have a few more that make alot of money.if u think the new company is going to fix this game im sad to say ur wrong.the new company makes cell phone app games they will make this game an app game then its really over lol
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  11. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    US server will never come back because of OP's groups actions. They knew they would kill the server a year and a half ago and laughed about it. I remember the Facebook conversation regarding it. So you reap what you sow Ghosty deal with it.
  12. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Jesus christ, you guys love to complain. Instead of trying to do something for yourself and build up your own strong guild, you have all the time focused on whining. I am sure that the new server, you still whine forward because all the others are bad and do not let you live.
    My condolences eur server, who must now endure a herd US1 refugees and cowards.
  13. Synalith

    Synalith User

    Lol you serious? Us1 has no 2v2s, no 3v3s, and no Battlegrounds half the time. All arenas are just people pushing for DoW with push boats. When Battleground starts rolling all the time because not enough players are playing it? Thats pretty bad. I think lodos BG went maybe 20 times. I know it was some ridiculous number. How does anyone build an account or have fun if nothing in the game works and you can never find anyone on open water to pvp?
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  14. Mady30

    Mady30 User

    http://prntscr.com/buic3o ////////////

    greet , game server marker arabia1 , and I do not chate debaned , much of the money needed , please rectify my problem
  15. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    I am sorry do you play this server? Where you apart of the conversation I spoke of? The OP was not even a part of it. So it is fact not whining. Stick to facts you do know Sir or do you just like to troll, if so OP's guild would like to set you up with a US1 act with a lvl5 DOW they are in need of new trolls.
  16. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    I have never seen the Dow lvl5 here. if you are, then prove it.
  17. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    youve never seen them because they are peoples alt accounts that are never used. they get them for fun or to sell i guess.

    ANIKHTE User

    lvl5 DOW lol
    when i start the game there was a lvl1 DOW having fun in carados lol
  19. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    hence, they are like UFOs? all claim to have seen them but the proof is just a blurry video clips.
  20. Exactly. As I said, they do not promote it now. When they did, they had players.

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