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  1. Allornn

    Allornn User

    The improvement line in the workshop has reached the limit and is frozen, the harpoon is not picked up, please fix it. And secondly, if I write in my own language, then I write in my own, it is not difficult to translate.

    First, make the game work properly, and then rub the messages. The impudence is immeasurable.
  2. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Allornn,

    The issue with the workshop bug is common. It should resolve itself by the next day's reset. You may also try clearing your Launcher Cache.

    This is the English forum, all posts must be in English. We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Happy Sailing!
  3. Huido

    Huido User

    workshop bugged, anysolution????

    there is a screenshot pls help me :(

  4. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Huido,

    Please use the search Feature offered in the Forum before making a post.

    Happy Sailing!


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